Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tyrannosaurus Rex FlipStir Puzzle by Enlivenze LLC ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

We have a fun review that we are doing this time! Our family has always loved to work puzzles. My husband is famous for going out and buying a huge jigsaw puzzle and working on it until the early morning hours! We were given the chance to review a different kind of puzzle this time. We had so much fun working the Tyrannosaurus Rex FlipStir puzzle by Enlivenze LLC.

This puzzle is completely contained in a plastic container. At the top of it, you will have a small stick with a flat end, but also a curve on the tip for grabbing pieces. Hence the term FlipStir. The object is to basically flip the pieces over until you can get them all together to make the picture.

We all had different experiences with this! It may look easy, but it takes patience and a steady hand, and we had a level 1! They have a level 2 that is a little bit more complicated.

Gav tried it several times, and never had any luck. I don't think he was patient enough to keep at it. He will pick it up while he's sitting on the couch watching TV, so I'm hoping one day soon, he will work a little harder at it.

We pretty much had the same thing going on here with Edyn. She wanted to do it so bad, but again her patience gave out on her. 

My husband, who I forgot to take a picture of, did it in 5 kidding. I on the other hand, finally got it done, but it did take me a few tries. The main thing is that it's fun to do. It's different than other puzzles, and it takes some thinking and work.

Besides the Tyrannosaurus Rex puzzle, they also have:
These all look like a lot of fun, and you can play them anywhere! They would be perfect for long car rides, or even for something to work on that doesn't plug into a wall! You don't need WIFI or even batteries!

We will continue to enjoy our FlipStir puzzle for many years to come!

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