Sunday, August 28, 2016

Edyn Turns 15 today!

Oh time please stop moving so fast. I'm not ready for my babies to grow up. Just yesterday my sweet Edyn was a baby. Now today, she has turned 15 and it's as if time moving a lot faster than I least emotionally.

What can I say about Edyn? She loves Jesus, she's funny, beautiful, and talented, but most of all she has goals and plans. She will be your best friend, but won't be walked all over. We are working on her love of cooking, but I think it's more for me than her lol. The girl can do some serious joke.

I think she had a pretty good weekend. Shes been begging for a skateboard. I have been ignoring the begs. I mean, they are so dangerous...and she's never ridden one. What do you do in that situation? Pray. Oh Lord, please change her mind. Can't we just go shopping like most teenage girls?? Yeah that didn't work, because she was praying the exact opposite.

After many discussions, and her dad and I giving her lecture after lecture about safety, we gave in and brought her to get the skateboard. We made a deal with her. You can get a skateboard, but you HAVE to wear safety equipment or it's going to become a pretty wall decoration. Let the but..but...buts commence. "I'm going to look sooooo dumb....ughhhhhh." It took her about 3 days to stop asking about that. No helmet, NO deal. We even went as far as to say that extra equipment for her wrists, elbows, and knees would be a great decision as well. I'm sure you can imagine the look we got, but I think she was starting to understand the importance of the equipment.

We took her to a really neat little skate shop and the guy that worked there couldn't have been better to her. He talked to her about the boards, and even showed her how to work on it if she needed to change it, and the maintenance of it. It was perfect. She picked out a skateboard, and not one I would have ever thought she would pick! I was thinking before we went in there, I sure hope they have a purple glittery board, because that's the one she's going to want. Nope. This girl got one with pizza on it. PIZZA. I laughed and laughed at that one, but hey it's her birthday!

We finished up our board shopping, she got a pretty white helmet, and then she even went to Academy and picked up the other safety equipment.

She's been riding several times yesterday, and today, and I have to say that she's gotten pretty good. 

She wanted pancakes for breakfast, purple of course, so I tried, but they weren't very purple. She didn't care, they still taste good!

After a rather lazy day, we headed out to one of our favorite pizza places for dinner where she had her traditional cheese and pepperoni pizza. 

Well I hope you had an amazing birthday Edyn!! We love you very much!! Next's the sweet 16....I am going to go ahead and cry now...for a whole year!

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