Friday, August 5, 2016

Deaf Dance Company and Starting a new Plan ~ Weekly Wrap Up

So this is going to be short Weekly Wrap-Up. It has been a pretty normal week here at school. We have been working on the same things and actually had kind of a short week. My husband had to go out of town for business, and we decided to do some life school while he was gone.

I recently started a new meal plan called Trim Healthy Mama. If you haven't heard about it, it's a low glycemic diet that is supposed to help you lose weight without spiking your blood sugar. It has been fun finding new recipes to make, and it's going to be super easy to make meals that everyone likes. The original book was one big book of the plan plus recipes, but since then they have split the 2 books so that it isn't so big and intimidating. I bought the plan book for $20 at Barnes and Nobles, and a friend of mine gave me the cookbook. It's real recipes that are easy, and don't require a bunch of crazy ingredients. That's my style here! Also lots of slow cooker recipes which is also perfect for me. It's too hot here to turn an oven on! If you haven't heard of it, I highly recommend the books!

Last Friday we were able to have a wonderful experience and I'm so mad I didn't get any pictures! We were invited to watch the San Antonio Deaf Dance Company, and we were blown away. If you remember back in April, Edyn was taking sign language classes and had a wonderful teacher who we absolutely adore. She is deaf and has done so much for the deaf community. She not only is an absolute fabulous teacher, but she is also the director of this dance company for deaf children. This is the only program like this in the country! She takes these kids and shows them that just because they are deaf, it doesn't mean that they can't lead normal lives, and do things like dance! And let me tell you, they danced their hearts out! These kids ranged in ages from around 6th grade to Seniors. They were all so good, and you could just see the confidence beaming off of them. I got teary eyed a few times because you could tell how hard they had worked, and how proud they were of their accomplishments. It was beautiful! I have always had such a heart for the deaf community, and was even going to college to work with deaf children. God had a different plan for me, and so I ended up being a Stay at home homeschooling mom. What I love is that Edyn also has a heart for the same thing! She loves the deaf community and wants to do whatever she can to be a part of it! Here is a fabulous article on her teacher, Carol Ann, and the dance company. 

That's about all for our week...hey I told you it was kind of slow, aka boring, week with the exception of the deaf dance company! Hopefully we will have a more fun filled week this week coming up. We are patiently waiting for the summer to go away because it's just too hot to do anything outside right now. We are ready for fall!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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