Friday, September 18, 2015

"Not" back to school, growing up, birthdays, and visitors

We are well into September and it's still HOT!! Fall, I'm waiting on you, where are you?? I am so ready for cool weather, hot chocolate, and all of the other stuff listed on every fall Facebook meme there is! 
Public school has started, and for us homeschoolers it means, the libraries and parks are EMPTY. Well, not just the libraries and parks, pretty much anywhere you go is empty. We love that. Yes, it's the little things in life. It makes field trips much easier to take when it's just a small amount of people.  Public school started on August 24th this year, so we had our annual "NOT back to school day" party.  We love to celebrate the fact that we homeschool, so this is a tradition we started last year.
Since we school year round, we took the day off to have some fun! I let them sleep in as late as they wanted, which of course was a win for me too!  They wanted Costco pizza for lunch (another CHEAP win for me), and snocones from our most favorite snocone place, Bahama Bucks.
Enjoying their snocones!

These are seriously the BEST snocones I have every had. It's something to do with their ice. It's like the fluffiest snow ever.

Costco pizza. I believe this lunch cost me about $5 for both of them to eat. It's really like 2 slices of the best pizza! They can never finish it!

We also found this awesome set at Costco for around $11! A DVD and a shark encyclopedia!!

Really the only other thing we did was go to the library and get some books and movies, and just relax most of the day. It was a great day to celebrate NOT going back to school!

We've also had some birthdays! On August 28th Edyn turned 14. Where did my baby go? She was just in my arms...yesterday!!  Her special day was on a Friday, so I told her we could go to lunch, and I had a surprise for her. We got dressed, and headed out for the day! We were in a great mood and so excited. She decided to wear her crazy galaxy cat dress because she wanted to stand out! Love it!

She was hungry so she decided that she wanted Cheddars for lunch. I was all for it! We went in and ordered, and she told me that she wasn't feeling good, that her stomach was hurting. I honestly kind of brushed it off because I knew that she hadn't eaten.
She got her food, and started eating it, but was really picking through it. Throughout the lunch she started feeling worse, and wanted to leave. Her brother and I were done, so I paid, and was ready to go. I turned around and she was gone! We made our way outside and there she stood near the grass crying because she was afraid she was about to "throw up." I felt TERRIBLE!! It's her special day that she has been waiting all year for and now it's ruined!! We got into the car where she continued to cry and we sat in Cheddar's parking lot for a good 20 to 30 minutes. She was afraid that it would make here even more sick to drive. We finally started our journey home, and she was ok. I told her to go in and lie down and rest. She wanted me to lay with her so we both climbed into my bed and watched t.v. for about 2 hours. It was the strangest thing. She was completely fine after that.  I was so sad that we didn't get to do her surprise which was going to Colorclay and painting her own pottery. We decided that even though she felt better that wasn't the place she should go in case the fumes didn't agree with her. Don't worry, we are still going to plan a trip! It will just be late! She had wanted to make a Minion cake but it was getting late, and little did she know she had ANOTHER surprise coming later, so we decided to go to Costo and pick something out. She didn't find anything there she wanted, so we went to HEB and we got cupcakes!  She wanted pizza for dinner, so we had pizza and cupcakes.  About 10 pm there was a knock at the door, and guess who was here for a surprise...Mammaw and Pappaw....and they also surprised us with Baylie and Mila!  I was so glad that she was feeling better because they rented a room so the kids could all go swimming! On Saturday, they took us to ride go karts and play mini was a great weekend!!

Mammaw and Pappaw

Aunt Ray Ray and little bear

Loving the indoor pool

We really needed that fun weekend and break from reality! We can't wait to do it again!

A week later we celebrated my birthday! My hubby and kids made this such a special birthday! I got to sleep in, and then we decided we were going to Panda Express for lunch. It's our favorite lol. I got treated to a day spa before we went, and Edyn did my makeup...she did so good!!! This has been such a great "unschooling" lesson for her. This girl can do makeup better than a lot of women I know!  She amazes me! After we had lunch, we had to stay out because the boys were decorating for my "surprise" party! I had no clue! It was just us, but I was so surprised. They had decorated, got me a cake, and some wonderful gifts. I was so excited and so blessed by my beautiful family!!

We also hit another milestone recently. Gavin got his first phone!  It was earlier than we originally anticipated, but it just worked out, We had planned on getting him a phone next year for his birthday, but my husband had to get a phone for work.  He did NOT like carrying 2 phones around, and we didn't want to lose his number that we had for about 10 years. We talked about it, and decided that we would just go ahead and give it to Gavin now.  Look at this excited face!

All in all it's been a crazy, busy, but wonderful couple of weeks! Now...if we could just get that fall weather to stay for awhile!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Memory Verse...Week 6

After a week off, we are back at it!  Have a blessed week everyone!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wordless Wednesday....Flower by Edyn

Flower by Edyn

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