Saturday, May 20, 2017

May 15-19 Weekly Wrap-Up

Well this week was pretty good for being our first week of our school year. That's one reason I like to school year round. We take frequent breaks, but it's not hard for them to get back into gear.

Edyn started a new math this year called Unlock Math. We are really loving it so far. It breaks the math down into small segments and that is perfect for her. It's not overwhelming at all. I will have a full review coming up on this soon so be sure and look for that!

Gavin has started typing again. Yes again. We started typing a couple of years ago, but I just don't think he was ready. He seems to be doing much better, and has already mastered the home row, and started on the top row. He's pretty excited about it!

I decided that this year I wanted to work Biography read alouds into our normal day. We love learning about people so I thought, why not just take 30 minutes a day and add it into our schedule. So far it's working great! Our first book is about Milton Hershey. Wow this one is even more interesting that I thought! This book is by YWAM, and I absolutely love their books. They do a great job of teaching not only about the person they are centered around, but also so much about the history around them. They are some of our favorites! I am hoping to incorporate some lapbooks and notebooking in on some of these books, plus also with history and science.

We love to be able to stop our normal school day and look out at the nature in our yard. We live in the suburbs but that does not mean we lack on nature! We have a ton of rabbits in our neighborhood, and we always love to watch them. The kids threw a banana out to our baby bunny back there to see if he would eat it. They loved watching him while he checked it out very slowly before approaching it!

This week we got to see a really big lizard on our backyard wall too. I had heard they were around here, but have never seen one...until now. They are super neat to watch, but they are very fast. We did some research and we are pretty sure it's a Texas Spiny Lizard. I am very happy to have him around because they eat spiders...and I do NOT like spiders! I hope to see more of them!

We ended our week with lunch at Chick fil a, and bringing Gavin to Nerf Wars at the park. We have a big beautiful park here that has plenty of open space to run and shoot. He got to hang with friends, I got to hang with Mom friends (thank you Jesus lol), and Edyn even made a new friend! 

All in all I would say that this has been a pretty nice week. Looking forward to seeing what fun next week brings!

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