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Heroes of History - Milton Hershey by YWAM Publishing ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

This year we added in a Biography read aloud time during our school day. We couldn't have asked for a better book to start with other than Heroes of History - Milton Hershey in the Heroes of History series by YWAM Publishing.

I was introduced to these books last year, and I was super impressed by the one we read. Heroes of History is a biography series about influential people that bring history to life. The story form of the book tells all about the people who have helped shape our history over the years, but also makes you feel like you are right there with them.

What did we receive?

YWAM Publishing sent us the physical book, which is a little under 200 pages. They also sent us the downloadable digital study guide that goes along with the book. This way you can take this book and turn it into a unit study if you want to.

The digital study guide is very easy to access after you download it. The great thing about it is that it's not just for homeschool settings. There are also guides for small groups and classrooms. The first part of the Unit Study is the main part with all of the questions, ideas for activities etc. The second part includes the fact sheets, timeline, and mapping exercises. This Curriculum Study Guide is full of information and wonderful ideas. 

How did we use it?

Like I said, we used this as part of our read aloud time. We tried to at least read a chapter a day and then go to our study guide. The study guides are really amazing and so well put together. Like I said before, it is so easy to turn this book into a unit study. After we read our chapter for the day then we would use the Chapter questions to review. These review questions always sparked some great conversations. One of my favorite parts is when they give you a word that was in the book, and ask you to use it in a sentence. My kids had a lot of fun with this vocabulary exercise. These books go into great detail not only about the subject of the book, but also about times and things in that time period of the book. This always sparked conversations about that time period. 

This book in particular tells all about the life of Milton Hershey, and what a life it was! My kids learned that he had to go through many disappointments before being successful. They loved hearing about the chocolate of course, but I think what interested them more was the hard work that was put into making something as simple as candy. To them, candy just magically appears on the shelf at the store. Milton Hershey had to make all of it by hand and then sell it for pennies on the street long before he was ever a household name. He faced so many hardships in his life, but one thing is for sure, he never gave up.

What did we think?

Saying that these books are good is an understatement. I knew last year that I wanted more of these books, and I'm hoping to be able to get the entire set. They are so engaging, and even have great chapter cliff hangers! They go into so much detail about the person, but also about the tools they used, and the events that happened in history around them. If you are looking for great biographies you really should check out the Heroes of History set, or the Christian Heroes: Then & Now, they are both so good and you won't regret it. 

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