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Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

If there is one way to get my 12 year old son's attention, it's with a comic book. Gav was super excited when I handed him Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family.

We have been fans of Focus On The Family and their products for years, although we are not familiar with Captain Absolutely. I do know that his character is a spin off from their popular series, Adventures In Odyssey, which was originally featured in their Clubhouse Magazine. I knew that when we received Captain Absolutely that it would be a quality product, and it was. This comic book is 105 pages of pure action packed Bible fun!

When Captain Absolutely arrived in the mail, my son Gav couldn't wait to get started on it. My plan was for him to read it aloud to me, because it's honestly easier for me to write reviews when we do it that way. The only problem, and I use that word loosely, was that when he got it he devoured it before I heard the first word! I would say that's a great problem to have! So, I will be giving you a quick summary of what he told me about the book.

"Captain Absolutely is about a librarian named Josiah King. Josiah was working in the library putting books back where they belong, while his friend Darren was upgrading their computers to the Dewey Decimal System. Darren loved to eat sunflower seeds, and Josiah even joked with him that he would drop one in the computer and blow it up. Like 2 seconds later, that's exactly what happened. The explosion sent them flying and Josiah ended up in a room with all of the banned books, which turn out to be Bibles. He started reading, learning the truth, and becomes Captain Absolutely. Darren ends up getting thrown into the Philosophy room and he ends up being the arch nemesis of Captain Absolutely, Dr. Relative. He can fight you with his neutralizer and make you forget the truth because it reminds you of all of the things you've done wrong. Captain Absolutely goes on to fight Dr. Relatives legion of villains along with his sidekick Hana." ~ Gavin

 I asked him what he liked the most and he said, "I loved learning about the Bible and how to fight the things that could come at me in my life. I loved the Bible verses that were through the whole comic."

When he was done, I decided to thumb through it so that I could get a better idea of it and I was super impressed with it. He was correct that it does have great Bible quotes throughout it. It also has little jokes in it that make it really funny. What was also pretty neat is that at the end it had a list of the characters and their "powers." It also gives the Bible verse that counteracts their "powers." There was a lot of truth and Scripture with this comic, and honestly not much more you could ask for with it. It was great!

I have to also comment on the drawings and the bright colors. It was truly amazing work! The book is so well made that it will last a long time.

If you are looking for some good quality Christian entertainment for your kids, then I would highly recommend Captain Absolutely from Focus On The Family. You won't be disappointed!

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