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Lifetime Membership from NotebookingPages.com ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

This is one of those jewels that I have wanted for a very long time! If you are a homeschooling mom and love lapbooking or notebooking, then this site is a TREASURE and you need it. No really, you do. I think I jumped up and down and did the happy dance when I found out I had been chosen to review the Lifetime Membership from NotebookingPages.com!

Ok so let's talk first about what NotebookingPages.com is and how it started. Debra Reed is the owner and publisher of NotebookingPages.com. She is a homeschooling mom of 10 children, ages toddler to adult, and was looking to get rid of boredom and burnout in her school. After 6 years of homeschooling, she was tired of chasing after different methods, curricula, and that perfect schedule. She decided to start notebooking, and the rest is history! I will post her personal story that she made a video about. It's truly inspiring, and I could watch it everyday just to remind myself that things don't have to be difficult!

What is notebooking all about?

If you're new to homeschooling, or more of a traditional homeschooler, then you might be new to this notebooking thing. I had read about it a little bit when I first started, while I was trying to understand lapbooks. I've explained lapbooks before in a previous post that they are a collection of smaller pieces of information all put into one larger book created by the student. Well, notebooking is a very similar idea but rather than little mini books that are cut out and glued into a file folder, it's pages that the student fills out and keeps in a 3 ring binder. The notebooks can be personalized for each student and each subject. It really becomes a scrapbook of all that they have learned.

Notebooking goes along very well with a Charlotte Mason style of education. We have recently started quite a bit of CM learning here. It has proven to be effective and we are enjoying it. You can learn more about Charlotte Mason style learning here.

The reason CM learning goes hand in hand with notebooking is because after reading educational books, the child can then record what they've learned on the notebooking pages. This is how the journal is started for that subject.

What is so special about NotebookingPages.com?

So, like I explained above, notebooking provides you and your child with a record of what he or she has learned. These are a wonderful way to show off their accomplishments to family and friends, plus it gives them something to go back and review. It's a win win method!

Debra Reed has gone above and beyond with NotebookingPages.com to supply you with a wealth of pages so that you can find a page for pretty much anything you need! You won't believe how many topics are covered.

Once you get your Lifetime Membership, you will get a step by step video tutorial on how to use these wonderful pages. This is a tremendous help in learning how to use them effectively and how to set up your notebooks! When you go to the Member Center, you will see headings that will hold different categories of the pages that are offered. There are thousands of pages readily available to you. NotebookingPages.com provides you with notebooking pages that are open ended so that it leaves room for the child to discuss what was learned. They are not worksheets under the guise of notebooking pages. The headings listed are:

  • Any Study - 3D Notebooking pages and mini-book system, and basic lined pages
  • A-Z - This is great for young beginners. Under this heading are notebooking pages on the alphabet, almost any animal you can think of, sports pages, and more. All in alphabetical order so it's even easier to find. 
  • Bible/Character - Bible and Characters from the Bible
  • Famous People - Artists, Composers, Missionaries, and much more
  • Fine Arts - Artist and Picture studies and more
  • Geography - This will have Continental Maps, Country Study, USA Study, and World Maps
  • History - Everything you need for History including all time periods
  • Holidays - pages for all Holidays and they are listed under the month they occur which makes it even easier to find
  • Lang. Arts - Lots of Copywork Pages
  • Science/Nature - Pages for all aspects of Science and Nature Notebooks
How did we use these in our school?

Since we are in between "years" right now, I decided to just pick a few pages out that we would enjoy doing. We are about to start our new year in July, and I can't WAIT to really put these pages into use!

So the first thing we worked on was the weather pages offered under the Science/Nature heading. We currently keep a nature journal so we just added these pages to it, and worked on them daily. We would watch the news and also read about it online pretty much everyday. It's super hot in Texas right now, so we didn't get to write much except..it's HOT. We tried a couple of different pages to see which one we liked better for weather. That's a great thing about NotebookingPages.com, there are a few different options for each subject!

We also decided to keep a log of the precipitation amounts here in San Antonio, and guess what? There wasn't much!

We also just decided to check out some books from our library over our great state of Texas. We came home and printed out some notebooking pages to use! I love having this readily available for us! We haven't gotten very far with it yet, but here's some examples. We are going to do a complete notebook of all things Texas! I can't wait to continue this study!

This one is still a work in progress!

What did we think of this product?

I loved it before I even tried it! I have always heard wonderful things about this website, and it held true to all of the hype. I am very thankful that I will have this treasure of pages to use in our school! If you are a notebooking family or even thinking about it, the Lifetime Membership from NotebookingPages.com is definitely something that I would recommend!

I linked her informative and encouraging video below! Take the time to watch it, you won't be sorry!

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