Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bob Ross Inspiration ~ Virtual Fridge

So if you're an 80's kid or even early 90's then you've probably heard of Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting. If you haven't, Bob Ross is a soft spoken man who paints happy trees and mountains with oil paints. He's super interesting to watch, and honestly very calming and relaxing.

So recently we were scrolling through Netflix and lo and behold there is Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting just jumping off the screen begging to be watched. My husband said, "Let's watch an episode." We started with the first episode, and ended up watching it for 3 solid hours! So, tonight when my hubby came home from work, he turned on Bob and watched another 2 hours of him lol! This cracks me up considering Bob isn't fighting with anyone or blowing anything up.

Tonight he invited Gavin to come watch with him. Gav was a little apprehensive because it didn't look interesting. 15 minutes later, Gav was literally mesmerized and had been drawn in to it just as my hubby and I had.

After that episode ended, Gav had the paints out and a canvas and decided he wanted to paint. I'm all for inspiration, and Bob Ross clearly was that for him. Soon after Edyn came in and decided she was going to paint too. I love spur of the moment fun like this. It's unofficial learning and the kids are having fun, but also making memories at the same time! If you've never had the pleasure of watching Mr. Ross, try him out. He's an amazing painter, and you just might get creative along side him!

Here's the kid's artwork for today!

Edyn went for abstract art

Gav decided on a water color landscape painting

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  1. I certainly remember Bob Ross, although I've never tried painting with him! His show was fascinating. How great that your kids were inspired - their artwork is great. I especially like the abstract painting. Thanks so much for sharing this on the Virtual Fridge!

    1. Thank you Kym! My husband has decided he wants to order one of his kits haha...he has really brought some creativity into our home!