Tuesday, June 21, 2016

LearnBop for Familes by LearnBop ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

We love to review Math programs, so that's exactly what I have for you this week. We have been using a brand new, self paced math course, with both Gavin and Edyn. LearnBop for Families by LearnBop has really been a fun, engaging, and helpful course for both of the kids.

LearnBop is actually an interactive learning system for the well known K-12 Mathematics, and has been available to schools for some time now. They have now branched this out to the homeschool community.

What did we receive for this review?

LearnBop was very generous and actually gave us a 12-month subscription for the Family Plan. With this plan, you can have access for up to 4 students.

What is LearnBop for Families?

LearnBop is set up for grades 3 through 12 and teaches the students to solve problems rather than just throw math problems at them. LearnBop is perfect for catching a student up if they are behind, or even getting ahead on math. It would be great for summer to keep a student on their toes and ready for the next school year. LearnBop prepares the students for high level tests, but can also boost their confidence in math. It's also great for parents who need a little extra help teaching their kids math. This is great for me because although math was my favorite subject, it's been quite some time since I've been in school. Sometimes I need a little reminder on the process of things.

How did we use LearnBop for Families?

Well when we first got our log in information, I logged into my parent account and set up each child with a user name and password. The set up was super easy to follow. I love when a program is user friendly. This is also where you can set up your child's "roadmap". I have Gavin set to 3rd grade and Edyn set to 8th grade. Each grade is broken down into Units.

When the student starts the road map, there is a warm-up before each new Unit to determine where your child is on the concept. From that point on, each Unit is broken down into Building Blocks. Each Building Block will bring them closer to completing the Unit.

So the Building Block will start off with the child watching videos. Both Gavin and Edyn liked to watch all of the videos and then start on their "bops." Bops are basically the math problems that are given after watching the videos on a certain concept. The student will have to complete 90% mastery on a concept before moving on. One thing that I really liked about this program is that if the student doesn't understand a problem, then it is broken down for them in a step by step process. It really helps them understand how to get the correct answer to that problem. After all of the videos that explain the concept, there are even more videos to explain it further if the child needs it.

The student can always check their progress on their dashboard. Here they can see things like their learning progress, how many videos they've completed, concepts mastered, and more. This is great for my kids who love to see what they've accomplished.

What did we think?

One main thing I can appreciate about this program is that it's super easy for the child to follow. I can pretty much let the kids be independent while working on this. This is always a plus. The kids really like this, so we will definitely continue to use it. We haven't had any issues with it at all, and it seems like a good fit for us. If you are looking for a good math program to fill the gaps or even just for summer to get ahead, LearnBop for Families by LearnBop is a great option.

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LearnBop for Families Review
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