Saturday, February 27, 2016

Quick Morning Smoothie - Blogging Through the Alphabet

So, I needed to make a quick post before we leave for vacation, and it's time for the letter Q in the Blogging through the Alphabet series! I was sitting here trying to decide what in the world I could write about that started with Q. It's not that easy lol. 

I've made this lifestyle change lately from being a SAD vegetarian, to adding a lot of healthier choices to my diet, and hoping to eventually be a raw vegan.  I started drinking smoothies for breakfast and I'm loving them. My favorite so far is my blueberry and banana smoothie. It's so good and it gives me energy and keeps me very full! I didn't take pictures of all of the ingredients separate this time because it was too late...but honestly it's so easy you don't need many pictures to follow. 

Blueberry and Banana Breakfast Smoothie

5 to 7 frozen bananas
1 cup of blueberries
1 cup of greens (I use a mixture called Power Greens)
3 cups of coconut water

Blend until smooth. 
 I use a big blender. A little bullet probably won't work since it's not very big.

Seriously that's it. Obviously you can add whatever fruit you want. I also like frozen or fresh mango and of course strawberries!  

Let me know what your favorite morning smoothie is. I'm wanting to try different variations and flavors!

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  1. We make a LOT of smoothies in our house. The kids love them. I make a big batch and then put what's left into popsicle molds for "smoothie pops" for a different type of snack or dessert.

    1. Oh wow, what a fantastic idea!! I'm so doing this, especially with summer almost here! Thanks!