Wednesday, February 10, 2016

O is for Our list of favorite board games (Blogging through the Alphabet)

So, lately we've been on a huge board game kick. We decided now that our kids are older, that we really wanted to build up our collection. We love nothing more than to have a good family night. We have gotten some new board games, and we have a few that are our old favorites, so I decided to list our top 5.

1. The Game of Things

This is such a fun game! You first have the reader read what's on the card. It may say something like "Things you shouldn't keep in your pocket". Each person has strips of paper and you write your answer on that. It can be funny, serious, or completely off the wall. We always try to answer with an answer that throws each other off. You fold up your piece of paper (we throw ours in a cup) and the reader starts reading them off. The object is for the person to the left of the reader to decide who wrote what answer. We play where the reader isn't able to get points on their round because the handwriting would give it away. If the person to the left gets it wrong, it goes to the next person, until everyone knows who wrote which answer. You get points for guessing which answer goes with which person. We love it!

2. Wits and Wagers

There are 5 personal dry erase boards. You can play singles or in teams. Someone asks a question like, "How many hot dogs does an average person eat in a year?", and you write down your answer whether it's a guess or you actually know it. After everyone has their answer written down, you place your cards down smallest number to largest. Then, everyone votes on the answer that they think is correct.  You get 2 votes, one that's worth 2 points and one that's worth 1 point. You can put them all on the same answer or split them up. The person or persons that come closest to the correct answer without going over gets the points. We have never laughed so hard on a game night.

3. Monopoly (we have the Transformers edition)

I'm just going to assume you know how to play this one!

4. Would You Rather

This one is funny but can also be gross, so of course the boys love it! Everyone has an "A" card and a "B" card.  The person whose turn it is, spins the wheel. The Would You Rather question is read. It would be something like, Would you rather A) give a pig a piggy back ride or B) give a bear a bear hug? Then, everyone votes on which one you would say. It is funny, and some of the answers to the questions for me would be NEITHER one lol...but that's not an option! 

5. Scrambled States of America 

This is perfect for anyone, but we love it for our homeschool. It's fun and on top of that educational. Basically with this one you are given 5 "state" cards, and a map of the U.S. for reference. The "state" cards have info about that state on it, and "scramble" cards are telling you what to look for. For example, when the scramble card is read, it may say something like "The nickname starts with H, K, or L. You quickly look to see if you have a state with a nickname that starts with one of those letter. If you do you, slap your hand on top and call out the state. Whoever calls out first wins. The object is to collect the most state cards. We bought this one from Amazon here.  It's a very fast paced game, but a lot of fun. 

So that's our top 5 for now. We have a ton more games, and I may do an additional post later as we add to our collection. If you don't currently have a game night, I strongly suggest that you get one. It is such great quality time that we spend together!

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  1. Our family loves board games, too! It's a great way to get the whole family involved in something fun! Some of our favorites include Ticket to Ride, Disney Scene-It, Scotland Yard, and Settlers of Catan.

  2. I haven't heard of Ticket to Ride or Scotland Yard, so I'm going to check them out! I do know Settlers of Catan is the next on our list!

  3. things sounds very similar to a game we played at Christmas with the family. It was a total hoot. :)

    1. We definitely got some good laughs from that one!