Saturday, February 6, 2016

N is for Nature Notebook - Blogging through the Alphabet

Since this week's Blogging through the Alphabet is letter N, I wanted to share our nature notebook. This will be short and sweet since it's nothing special. It's something I honestly threw together because they love learning about things in nature. I wanted their notebooks to be all of their writings and drawings so it's very simple. I took a 3 ring binder, and added drawing paper. Done. You honestly can't get much easier than that. The way we do it is whatever they find in nature, they draw it and add facts about it. They have fun trying to draw whatever it is they've found, then adding all the facts to their page about that subject. I'm also going to let them start adding any pictures that they take on the back. We are just starting out so we don't have much to show.

That's pretty much it. It's easy, cheap, and the kids have a great time doing it. It's just one of the things that can easily be added to any homeschool!

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  1. We use a sketch book from Walmart for our nature journals!

  2. I need to be more consistent about keeping our nature journals. I just bought a drawing pad that is spiral bound on the top, but I like the idea of a 3-ring notebook so they could group similar topics together, if they chose!

    1. Yes we actually started this back in summer and it got put on the back burner, so we are trying to get it out and ready for spring!