Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What's been going on with us?

I haven't really made many blog posts lately because it has just been crazy around here since the holidays. I have been busy, but not with anything that's super important. It's just honestly

We took some time off to just enjoy the holidays, and spend time together. I got to have my sweet grand baby here for a week, and we had a such a great time with her. My husband also had some time off and we mostly spent that time Christmas shopping, and making fun cookies and desserts with the kids. It was a nice break from the stress we've been having to endure over the last couple of months.

If you remember, back in May we moved into a house that was about 17 miles from the house we were living in. We loved the community and wanted to be a part of it, so we saved up enough money and made the move. It was expensive. It was a headache. It was a nightmare. The house needed multiple things done to it and was not ready to be rented out, but here we were, and had to move in right then because we didn't have a choice. It wasn't anything crazy, but it needed to be cleaned and painted, and have some minor work done to it. I wasn't happy, but we got it painted etc and looking more like a home that I could be proud of.

So back around October, I get an email stating that the owner has decided to sell our house. I kind of just brushed it off because we had a lot going on with Gavin and the time. A few week's later, they tell me that a realtor will be coming by to see the house. Of course now I have to have my house looking perfect, because I'm sure he's going to take pictures. I was already annoyed about that since these pictures would be all over the Internet and they will include all of our things. He shows up and is a complete jerk. He started telling me how things were going to go, or so he thought, and that he was going to put a lock box on my house. He also said that we would have to leave every time they wanted to show the house, and that it should be EASIER since I homeschool! It took all I had to not come completely unglued! Yes let me interrupt our lives for complete strangers to come walking through our house. I don't think so.

 I'm the type of person who will bend over backwards to help other people. I will try my best to accommodate someone, but this was absolutely ridiculous. I put a stop to it real quick. Long story short, I called the property managers and told them everything he said. He had lied about a lot of it including telling me that my lease stated I had to do all of the things he said. It didn't say anything about any of it.

So, we have been having showings all of the time. It's an intrusion, and definitely disrupting our lives. I have to keep my house picked up all of the time, which I try to do anyway, but we live here. Some days are worse than others. I'm praying that they get all of their stuff together because I'm so over it. I'm so tired of random people coming into my house every day. Hopefully it's over soon, and then we will have to decide if we are going to stay here, or move.

So, that's about all that's been going on here. We are officially back to school this week, and I am happy about it. I will try and get some good posts up in the coming weeks.

I hope you all have a great rest of the week!

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