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CHSH Download Club by ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Have you ever found a website that you never even new you needed? I was chosen to review CHSH Download Club by and this has proven to be a real treasure! I am always searching for wonderful resources to add a variety of things to our homeschool, and the CHSH Download Club has been so much fun to use!

What is CHSH Download Club?

Just so you know, CHSH stands for Christian HomeSchool Hub. Perfect name for this site! You can rest assure that there won't be any questionable content here. We were lucky enough for this review to receive one full year of access to their site and all of the awesome content there!

There are so many aspects to homeschooling, and one of the things I love, is printable worksheets. What I don't love, is searching the Internet for them. CHSH Download Club makes finding a worksheet for almost anything in any subject very simple.

Lynda Ackert created CHSH in 2010. She began her career as a public school teacher but decided to homeschool her own children when it was time. She discovered a love and passion for creating educational materials for teachers and homeschooling parents, and so this community was born.

CHSH is chock full of downloads for every age K-12, and also every subject. The layout for this website is simple and easy to use. It is categorized by subject and also age/grade level. This makes finding what you need quick and easy!

There really is something for everyone here. Some of the subjects included are:

  • Bible Related Resources - Here you will find everything from copy work to notebooking, flash cards and memory verses
  • Languages - Spanish, French, Italian, and ASL
  • Arts, Music, & Crafts - Art and Music Instruction, plus Knitting, Embroidery, Quilting, Carpentry, and more.
  • Language Arts - Wrting, Reading, English, and Spelling
  • Math - Math for every grade
  • Science - pretty much anything Science you can think of
  • Social Studies - Everything from Geography, History, and Government to different time periods
  • Electives - Architecture, Character Studies, Social Issues and Safety Education, and Jewish/Israel history
  • and Health - Everythig from general and dental health to body systems
How did we use the Christian HomeSchool Hub?

This was the easy part for me. First off I have to mention this awesome calendar on the home page.

I love how you can go to this calendar every day and it will tell you something that happened on that day in history. You can even send it to your personal calendar! This is such a great feature for this site and great for what I call "Good Morning" discussions. Just a bit of something to talk about first thing in the morning.

I honestly was so over whelmed with the wealth of things I could download it was hard to decide where to start. Like I said before, the layout is so simple that it's very easy to find what you're looking for, plus some! We decided to go ahead with some Daily Geography lessons that we could find. I was a little disappointed though because some of the links weren't working. I'm not sure if it was just for me, or on the site. Either way, it was not a deal breaker because I just moved on to something else.

With Edyn being in high school, we were wanting to add in some Shakespeare. We found a great literature study that we are doing for Shakespeare, and we were also able to print out Romeo and Juliet! She is going to study about Shakespeare for awhile and do some notebooking on him!

We are also using some wonderful studies for September that I've already printed out. I found a great Johnny Appleseed study, and also some worksheets with a lesson to go over 9/11.

These few things are not even scratching the surface with everything that's available to you. I even saw entire English courses for High School! I am going to be checking those out as well!

We are very pleased with CHSH Download Club by and all of the wonderful content it has to offer!

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Christian HomeSchool Hub was very generous and let 85 of us review their site. If you would like to read other reviews, please click the banner below!

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