Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Birthdays and hospital stays

I guess you can call this a weekly wrap up even though it's a little more than a week, and what a week it was. I am just now able to sit down and even make this blog post.

Last week, well a week and a half ago now, was my 40th birthday. Yay. No really, it was a good day. My wonderful husband surprised me with a new refrigerator, stand up freezer, and then a kitchen aid mixer. I get so excited over anything to use in the kitchen. We've needed a new fridge for years, but didn't want to spend the money on it. Well it just got to be the time that we had to do it. My lettuce was freezing, and ice cube lettuce doesn't make a good salad. It's so beautiful, and for the first couple of days, I just kept starting at it. It's like angels singing from the heavens every time I open it. Well after having it for a grand total of 4 days, Edyn turns around very quickly in the kitchen with her skateboard in her hand, and puts a small dent in it. I almost cried. I mourned by beautiful pristine refrigerator. I'm over it now...well for the most part...except when I walk into the kitchen and see it. Well maybe I'm not over it, but it was an accident, and 10 years from now, I will appreciate that dent right?

I have also been wanting a deep freeze for years. I never seem to have enough space in my freezer. I like to also make things and freeze them for later. Breakfast burritos, broth, soup, etc. I like to have things that are easy to pull out when I don't feel like cooking. Well you have to have space for all of that. Sorry, no pic because it's in a weird spot in the garage and I can't get a good one.

The Kitchenaid mixer has always been a dream and recently, in an effort to make even more things from scratch and not used any boxed craziness, I decided that I want to start making our own bread. The problem was that I have trouble mixing all of that dough up by hand. We decided that we would go ahead and add the mixer to our appliances that we bought. It's a long term investment, and I'm hoping this thing last years and years to come. Isn't she pretty? Her name is Kit and she mixes the bread dough like a champ. Thanks Kit.

So now this brings me to the not so great part of the week. Last Monday on Labor Day, Gavin said he was going to go take a bath in our bathroom. He wasn't in there long, but he runs out and tells his dad, who is painting our living room at the time, that he swallowed a plastic piece to a toy gun. Well what it actually ended up being was the top part of a water gun that holds the water in. We tell him that he's fine and he will poop it out. He just was never "right" after that. He was afraid to eat because he said it felt stuck. I tried to assure him that he would be fine, but he kept saying that it felt stuck. So, we decided to take him to urgent care. They took an X-ray and said that they couldn't see anything, but that he was worried it could be stuck in his esophagus and he should go to the ER and get a CT scan. Soooo, we headed to the ER. We were only there a few minutes, and they told us that he had no symptoms of having anything lodged in his esophagus. I just took what they said to heart and took him home like they suggested. After we got home, he still wouldn't eat, but we assumed it was because it could be scratched. The Dr said that it could feel that way. He decided he wanted to go to bed because he wasn't feeling good, so I laid down beside him and he went to sleep. I had to wake him up at noon the next day. I tried to get him to eat, almost forcing him to, and he said it was scratched and he didn't want to. As the day went on he got lethargic and just wanted to sleep. I told my husband we needed to bring him back. He would try and drink water or eat something as simple as applesauce, and almost regurgitate it back up. Something wasn't right and he said he didn't feel normal. So back to the ER we went. This time a different doctor told us he needed a scope, and called the hospital and set us up with a wonderful pediatric GI doctor. He said head to the hospital and they will be waiting for you. Sure enough, they took him into emergency surgery. I waited anxiously for 30 minutes to hear from him. It was Gavin's first surgery so I was a little concerned. He came out and sure enough, Gav had that piece of gun lodged in his esophagus. It was WAY bigger than what I though it was. The other thing is, and I guess this was all a blessing in disguise, is that they found out that he has an esophageal disease. See sometimes he would say his food felt stuck but would eventually go down. I always thought it was because he didn't chew good enough. It's caused by food allergies. He's on Protonix now and we go to the dr next week to see what the allergy testing he ordered says. I'm praying that if he's allergic, that it's a simple fix with diet. They ended up keeping him over night which was good, but of course we didn't get any sleep that night. And...the next day my hubby had to leave for a business trip to Chicago, so it was just one of those weeks altogether. Ugh.

So that was our "fun" last week. I'm really praying this week is better. I hope you are all having a fabulous week! I'm ready for the weekend!!

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