Tuesday, April 12, 2016

W is for We're Moving ~ Part 1 {Blogging through the Alphabet}

This is just a little life update! Yep we're moving and so far it's been a crazy, wild, emotional rollercoaster. I went into this move excited, and have come out feeling like I was tossed around on a football field by a wild rabid dinosaur. How's that for a visual? I can't even tell you how stressful this process has been so far. Calgon, where the heck are you???

Rewind back to the middle of March. We got a letter in the mail saying that our lease was up at our current house and not only was it up, they were going up on our rent. It said something to the effect of, "Yall are top notch clients, but we are going up on your rent $100 a month." Well, I have never liked the part of town we live in because not far from us is quite a bit of crime. Our neighborhood is nice, but if you turn left out of it, and drive about 5 miles, things get pretty shady.  For example, one of the neighborhoods down there is called Sunrise. Well it's better known as "Gunrise" or "Gangville".  Just in the last week across from the Wal-Mart we frequently go to, were two murders! I wasn't a fan when we moved here, so for 2 years I've begged my husband to move me. He decided that it was time.

April 1st came along and we had to make a decision. I really felt that God had released me from my current house this time. See, we tried to do this last year right after our grandbaby was born. We looked at houses, but none of them worked out. I didn't feel like the timing was right. This year things seemed to be falling into place. Hubby's bonus came in about 2 weeks earlier than what we thought, and that's what we were waiting on. About 10 minutes after he called me and told me he got it, we got a call from our property managers saying that they needed a decision. Well, we told them we were moving and the process was started.

I got a text that night asking if we would be available to show our current home the next day. Everything was already moving so fast, and if you know me, that freaks my freak! We started to look online at houses that day, and called up our realtor that helped us 2 years ago. She was great when we moved over here from 300 miles away. She sent over some listings and we immediately found a house that we wanted to see because it was perfect. The showing was set up for the next day, and after we saw it, we knew it was the one. We went home and filled out our application for this perfect house! Let's talk briefly about applications. It's $50 to $65 per person over the age of 18. That isn't cheap. This house was $50 per person over 18 so we filled it out, and handed over our money.

It was a Sunday that we saw the house, so the actual property management company for the house was closed. Our realtor called us first thing Monday morning and told us the bad news...there's already an app on this place and it's first come first serve. The only way we would have a chance at it, is if she didn't get approved. Well, long story short, they were approved, and we would get our $100 back in.....5 to 7 days. Allllrighty then. It's just a 100 bucks...pocket change right? I hope you can read the sarcasm in that.

As we looked on the website, there was nothing else in our price range...so what did we do? We decided to go up on the monthly dollar amount. We found out real quick what the price difference is to live where I wanted to be.

I was feeling very discouraged after losing the first house. We didn't have money to just continue to tie up in application fees and hope for the best. We looked at a few more houses that just wouldn't work or the location wasn't good. Fast forward to Thursday. We go look at another perfect house. Our realtor says this company takes them off of the listing page if there's an app on them, so we should be the first one. So, do you see where this is going? Yep, we go home and fill out the app, which takes like an hour and a half. We high fived at our completion of the apps and started discussing where we would put our furniture. Next morning rolls around, and we get the news that there is indeed another app on this place...what happened to first come first serve? I guess this company didn't follow that rule. They ask if we want to proceed and if we did, they would run both apps and compare them. We waited and waited, and finally got word that they gave it to the other people. It wasn't the right house after all.



More tears...

This entire time I was really trying to trust God, but I was failing quickly in that department.  I'm giving you the cliffnotes version of the story, but let's just say it was a very stressful time. I felt defeated and here we had tied up another $100 in app fees which in no way shape or form goes against the outrageous deposits you have to put down.  After we had gone and looked at the last house, we came home and looked back on our listing website. This website was literally consuming me..like I was refreshing the page every few minutes so that I could literally jump on a house if it came available. Looking for a house to rent here is just like gambling. I found another house, called my stressed out hubby, and he told me to just apply. The pictures of it looked fine, so that's what we did. We handed over another $100 to them and said a prayer. We went and looked at it after we applied, and it was nice. It would work. Great neighborhood, clean house, and in the city I wanted to be in. We got the call the next morning.

We were approved.

Thank You Jesus!! He had this house picked out all along..maybe had I trusted Him a little more, then I wouldn't have been a ball of stress and nerves. Lesson learned...well lesson applied and I am definitely going to be working on my faith. It's a mustard seed, not a mini-van.

Today we went and signed the lease..the only issue now is that we have to be out of our current house on April 30th and our house won't be ready until May 9th. Just going to trust God on this one. He had the house worked out so I'm sure he can handle this!

So...this is our moving adventure. I have to call it an adventure because that's what it has proven to be so far. I will keep you posted and updated as the move goes on.  My plate is literally overflowing right now with homeschool, packing, writing reviews, and just being a mom in general. It's hard to keep it all afloat, but I do love to accept a challenge, so bring it!

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  1. Wow! That is all very stressful. We moved 3 years ago and then moved again last year. I hope we don't have to move anymore for a long time. It is a consuming process. Glad you found a great place, and I will be praying for those days between the 2 dates.

    1. I hope we don't have to move for awhile either! I am exhausted, and then last night my car was pummeled by hail. Ugh lol!