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Exclusive High School Diploma from ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Graduation is a bittersweet time for me when it comes to my babies. It is such a combination of the fact that they accomplished what they needed, to be able to graduate, but it also means that they are growing up, and will soon leave the nest. Drake will be my first homeschool graduate, so I will be super excited to be able to present him with his personalized diploma! I was very impressed the first time I saw the multiple selections offered, including the Exclusive High School Diploma from

One question that I am constantly asked about homeschool is "What about a diploma?" People are curious where the kids will get it, or who will give it to them. has everything needed for a soon to be homeschool graduate from diplomas and invitations to their caps, gowns, and class rings.

Exclusive High School Diploma Review
If we are going to talk diplomas, the Exclusive High School Diploma is what I would call the top of the line. With this diploma your school name is arched and shaded at the top, and you are able to add a bible verse or motto. It is professionally printed, and you also get to choose which signature line title that you want. There are 4 wording options to choose from and also 4 engraved seals that you can choose to personalize it even further. It also includes a deluxe padded cover that offers many colors and designs to choose from. If you would like, they can also stamp your student's name in the corner. If you're really wanting to go all out for this special occassion, then you can get hand calligraphy for the student's name, or even the 23kt gold option to highlight one or all initial letters in your school name! With so many options to choose from, it is definitely a great choice for personalizing.
Sample of Exclusive High School Diploma
We had the chance to choose which of the beautiful diplomas we wanted to order, and I let Drake help me pick it out because after all it is his diploma. He chose the Vintage Style High School Diploma with the Engraved Seal and the 8.5" x 11" Deluxe cover. I was beyond impressed with the product that we received. Everything from the cover to the quality of the diploma itself exceeded my expectations. This diploma is also professionally printed with the student's name, date, and your choice of signature lines. It also includes parchment paper and raised printing. For the actual diploma, you get to choose from three different center seals. They are all beautiful, and Drake chose the green "Classical Education" seal which reads "Classical Christian Education" around a central tree. The trunk of the tree has a subtle but definite cross that represents pointing us to Christ! The diploma itself is held into the cover with 4 gold ribbons, and has the parchment paper on top. Another thing that was an added help was the instructions they include on how to sign your diploma since I've never signed one. I am very pleased with the finish product. It's definitely something that he can be proud of. 

Like I said, offers much more than just diplomas.  If you are needing invitations for your homeschool graduate, then they have many to choose from including traditional, photo, and distinctive style announcements. We got a sample in with our diploma of two different styles. Both are beautiful tri-fold announcements with embossed lettering. They are very well made and the foil embossed letters are all rich in color. They offer so many different styles that you will be able to find what you are looking for no matter if you want it on the fancy side of things, or just a nice standard invitation.

Do you need a cap and gown or a class ring? There are many styles and colors to choose from with their grad apparel. Order a cap and gown set that you can get with or without a tassel. Drake chose not to get a class ring, but they have many beautiful ones to choose from in this department for both women and men. They also offer gifts for your graduate and thank you notes too.

Ordering from was so simple, and I had Drake's diploma personalized and ordered within minutes. The website is very user friendly, which I love. There is nothing more aggravating than trying to order a product on a confusing website. You won't have that problem here. The order process walks you through your order step by step. It is super simple. I love all of the options that are given no matter what product you are ordering.

If you are looking for anything to do with graduation, especially a beautifully done diploma like the Exclusive High School Diploma, then should be your first choice!

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Exclusive High School Diploma Review

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