Friday, April 22, 2016

Project Move 2016 Part 2

Well we have been packing and packing this house, and I still don't feel like I've put a dent in it. I do know I've packed a lot though because the boxes are slowly closing in on us. We have to be out of here by next Saturday, but we still don't know if our new house will be ready or not. This is super stressful. We are going to ask if they will just let us pay to stay in our current home until it's ready, but I'm just not sure how that will go over. 

So much as been going on and I have been extremely overwhelmed. The day after I posted about being stressed out about the move, we got some freak 20-25 year hail storm. I'm talking hail the size of baseballs and softballs! I posted pictures on my last Wordless Wednesday, and you can see them here. It was one of the most frightening sounds I've heard. Honestly it sounded more like bowling balls on my roof. It was so loud. All I could think of was getting my family away from the windows...and our cars. Mine in particular, because hubby drives a work truck. Yep, to my dismay, my car took a very hard hit. Damage to the tune of around $10,000. That's a lot. To me, it looked worse than many on the block! Windows GONE, dents allll over, and broken mirrors and broken dreams. Pretty much everyone in our neighborhood that was parked outside lost windows. A lot of houses lost windows and I am surprised we didn't. I'm thankful for that. 

The insurance adjuster didn't come for 8 days. In this time period we learned that we didn't have rental on our policy. We also learned that our deductible was $2000....Yes you read that right. My husband changed insurance companies right after we bought my car. He never realized that the deductible was so high. After we found a place to bring my car, which is a miracle considering that they said a lot of places were booked until August, we now had to face that deductible. My husband talked to them and by the grace of God, they are waiving the ENTIRE deductible!!! This is a gift from God!!

So now we are just packing and purging through our house. Our new house is just a little bit smaller than our current one, so we are going with the "If you don't love it, need it, or use it, then it goes!" method. It seems to be working pretty good! I've donated a lot of stuff already to the women's and children's shelter. 

I will try and give another update sometime next week. Hopefully we will know a little more on our move in date! We passed by tonight and did a little bit of stalking and it looks like they've moved a lot out so that's a good start!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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