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Princess Cut by Watchman Pictures ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

We love movie night at our house, and we especially love a wholesome movie that contains a good uplifting message! We really enjoyed watching Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures because it was all of those things!

True love waits is something most parents really want to instill in their children. I know that it's especially important to us, and also important to our teenage daughter. She even wears a purity ring that is inscribed with those three powerful words. True Love Waits.

In the movie we follow Grace a young woman looking for love and marriage. She grew up on a farm in North Carolina with her loving parents and two brothers. We start off seeing her excited and expecting a wonderful time with a boy she is preparing to go on a date with. Of course after she arrives to meet him, he's your typical college frat boy and has all of his college buddies with him. She realizes very quickly that this is not her prince charming. She is still sad that she hasn't found true love and ends up in a situation with another smooth talking guy that could compromise her morals and beliefs. She starts to question herself and the relationship and ends up overwhelmed by it all. She is brought into a few more situations that are teaching moments for her and also discovers how supportive her family is to her. How will she handle it all? Does God already have her Prince Charming picked out for her?

The movie was really good. Was it what my kids call cheesy? Yes absolutely! Was it predictable from the beginning? Yes again. But, it was really good. It shared a wonderful message to young people, or to anyone for that matter.

The casting was great. I felt like the family was believable, and I was really impressed to see that the father in the movie and the oldest brother in the movie were actually father and son in real life. The relationship with the characters seemed to come easy enough even though it was probably B acting at best. I felt like the plot was definitely predictable, but it was such a good message that it didn't matter.

I love the fact that it reiterated the message that the father should be the head of the house, and that he should take responsibility for his family. There is a lovely part in the movie where the Dad is acting as the head of house and has a teaching moment with his daughter using soybeans. You have to stop trying to get a harvest before you plant the seed. Those are pretty powerful words we could all live by.

My kids honestly loved it and so did I. I was a bit concerned that my 13 year old boy would constantly be rolling his eyes, but he got caught up in Grace's struggles, and waited to see how it would all pan out.

Princess Cut is a great reminder that we should let the Lord lead us to love, and stop trying to force it on ourselves. All good things happen in His timing, not ours.

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