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Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

If you follow my reviews then you know that I love reviewing math curriculum. I like to see the differences in curriculum, and try different ones because you never know which one will be a hit and stick with your child. For the last few weeks we have been reviewing the Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.).

The Family Math Package is a full comprehensive on-line math curriculum. Some of the things that this curriculum offers are:

  • Video Lessons ~ These are great for the visual learner who need someone to actually work the problems out. 
  • Interactive Review ~ Review is always important especially when it comes to math.
  • Worksheets + Solutions ~ I have seen some curricula not offer worksheets. I think these are needed especially if you are trying to really help your student understand the work and retain the information on the lesson.
  • Reports ~ This is great so that you can see everything your child is doing, and their grades easily. This is especially nice if your child is a little more independent and you need to see their grades quickly. 
One of the things that I really like about this program is that with the Family Math Package, you get all of the grade levels that they offer which are grades 1-6, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1. This is a one stop curriculum for all of your students and they can all be on different grade levels. Also a benefit to this is that if your student finishes, you can just move them right to the next grade. I love that it's flexible because if you have a year subscription, and your child finishes in 9 months, then the rest of that time is not wasted. 

When you receive your Family Math Package, the set up is pretty simple. They do offer a parent log in and also a student log in which makes it very simple to see the reports for your children. Just be careful and make sure to log out of the parent account and into the student account before starting the lessons. Don't ask me how I know this lol. 

How did we use this in our school?

I let Gav start out in the beginning of grade 6 because I wanted him to use it as a bit of a review. I also wanted to see what was offered in that grade level to compare it to what he's been working on. When they first launch the grade they are going to be using they will come to a screen such as this.

As you can see on the side are the lists of lessons which are then broken down into sub categories. So for example the first topic is going to be Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages. That is then broken down into sub-topics which are:

  • Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 
  • Operations with Fractions and Decimal Numbers 
  • Operations with Mixed Numbers 
  • and Percents, Fractions, and Decimals in Everyday Life. 
Each sub-topic is then broken down even further for the actual lessons that fall within that subject. 

First off, I would have Gavin watch the video that went along with the lesson he was working on. They aren't very long videos, and that is something Gav and I both liked. Don't let the fact that they are short fool you though. They are well done and the topic is explained in depth and in a way that is easily understood. There are examples shown, and the teacher explains each step in detail. 

When he was done watching the video, he would move on to the Interactive Q&A. This is where he would work on a few problems that went along with the lesson of the day.

With the Family Math Package, you are also given online AND printable worksheets so that each lesson can be expanded on. Sometimes we need to have the extra practice, and we may do a couple of worksheets on that topic. Other times, we will just move on to the next topic depending on how much review is needed. They make it very easy to get to your worksheets, and it's labeled so that you know exactly which one coincides with that lesson. Down below is a screenshot of the online worksheets. The printables are just as easy to find, and easy to print.

After you have gone over each section there are online tests for you to give your student. I love how everything is right there and easy to find at the top of the dashboard. Also, at any time you can go and check your students progress to see what they've done and what their grades are.

Honestly this is a great program and Gav has really enjoyed using it. The only thing I have to say that we would change if we could is how you have to mark the lesson as complete when you are finished with it. It's a little complicated because if you don't go back and manually click that you have completed the lesson, then it doesn't record it. I also wish that after you completed a lesson, there was something to the side of it saying that it was complete. If you come back the next day, and can't remember exactly which one you did the day before, you have to actually go into the lesson to see if it's complete. It would be nice if at a glance, you could go straight to that day's lesson. I don't know how many times we clicked on the wrong lesson, and if you haven't completed it, it stays in a queue until you do. I would say that part of the program is not very user friendly. Also, while working on the Interactive Q&A, you have to make sure you click the frog's stomach to "submit" your answer before going to next. You are able to go back and do that if you forget that step, but it just seems like an extra step to me rather than being one and done.

With all of that said, it's still a great program and everything you need is very easy to find. I would still definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a thorough math curriculum. If you are wanting an online program with everything at your fingertips, then I suggest taking a look at the Family Math Package from A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.).

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