Sunday, December 10, 2017

Busy with the holidays and Snow!

The last few weeks have been what only one word can describe. Busy! I hosted Thanksgiving this year and it was absolutely wonderful. It was my first year, and we had family that traveled 300 miles to be here. I shopped, I planned, prepared, and cooked. I am pretty proud of myself that I did it, and I have to say that it went pretty flawlessly. We ended up with a feast and leftover turkey for days. It was definitely time well spent, and we made lots of memories!

Added on to the Thanksgiving holidays, I got to spend two weeks with my sweet grand doll Mila Rose! She's almost three years old, so we get to not only play together, but also have some pretty fun conversations. We went on a few adventures to see some drive through light displays, lunch at Chick-fil-a, and shopping at Costco. She had a lot of fun!

After Mila went home, later in the week we had a pretty big event for us Texans! It snowed, and by snow, I don't mean icy wintry mix that we like to call snow if it does happen.  I mean REAL powder white snow that stuck to EVERYTHING!! It was magical and beautiful! When it started I would have been happy for the kids to be able to catch a few snow flakes, but God showed off that night! We saw snowflakes the size of quarters! They were HUGE and beautiful! It wasn't long before it started sticking to the cars, and trees, and then the ground was completely covered! My kids all ran outside and to hear their laughter, and excitement was even more magical for me. You could hear the entire neighborhood laughing and running around throwing snowballs at each other. I don't think there was a house around who didn't have a snowman. Ours was small, but we saw some that were huge! 

We don't see much snow in Texas. In fact I read somewhere that the last snow San Antonio saw was in the 80's! I have seen snow now three times in my life. This was by far the best because normally it's just icy wet snow and not a true powder. This was beautiful when it started and even more beautiful the next day. 

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