Monday, November 13, 2017

November 13-19 Meal Plan Monday

I have been meal planning for awhile now, so I thought why not share it here! It really saves my family money to have our meals completely planned out for at least two weeks. I am trying very hard to get it to once a month, even if I still do my grocery shopping every two weeks. I will be honest, meal planning is not my favorite chore to do. I get burnt out on trying to find different recipes to keep my people happy. I figure if I can meal plan for the entire month, then all I have to do is go shopping when it comes time. Much more efficient use of my time if you ask me!

I don't use any special planners for this except a sheet of paper, and a blank printable calendar. My calendar is used for notes I may need for other meals, and sometimes looks messy because I erase and move meals around. The first thing I do is write the meals in on the calendar. I will then take a sheet of paper and write down each meal's ingredients. That way when I make my grocery list, I won't forget anything. It may take a bit longer, but I normally have all of the ingredients I need. It also makes me check my pantry and refrigerator for staple ingredients.

Here's a peek at my crazy calendar!

So, here's this week's meal plan. If there is a recipe that I use on Pinterest or elsewhere, I will add the link for it.

Sunday ~ Fried Rice and Eggrolls
Monday ~ Spaghetti with home made sauce and gluten free noodles, fresh baked Italian bread (I make it earlier in the day), and salad
Tuesday ~ Black Beans and Yellow Rice (I do not use the peas) served with salsa
Wednesday ~ Whole roasted chicken with brussel sprouts and baked potatoes
Thursday ~ Orzo pasta with spinach and parmesan cheese It's very unusual for us to have pasta twice in a week, but this recipe looked so yummy, I decided to add it anyway! Also, this is not EoE friendly, but we have other meals in place for Gav that he loves if this happens. It's not often, but sometimes it does.
Friday ~ Chicken Paprikash over rice
Saturday ~ Sloppy Joes with potato salad (I make the buns myself earlier in the day, and Gav eats it on his home made gluten free bread)

With next week being Thanksgiving, I will probably post my Thanksgiving menu separately from our weekly menu.

Ya'll have a great week!


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