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Single Membership from CTC Math ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

Finding a math program to fit your child's needs can sometimes be a daunting task. I had the chance to review this wonderful program last year, and Gavin loved it! You can imagine my excitement when I found out I would be able to review CTCMath's Single Membership this year, and that they are offering 60% off plus 6 bonus months right now!

Math can be a very stressful subject for some kids. With CTCMath, your child will have short and to the point lessons that are engaging and easily understood. The child is able to work at their own speed and can even stop and rewind the video if they need to. There are over 1400 math tutorials that teach the concepts of math in a step by step process. We love that the lessons are short enough to hold Gav's attention, but are very well laid out so that the concept is explained in full detail. You will have access to every grade offered with your membership! No having to choose just one single grade. Also, there are placement tests to see where your child falls in their program.

Are you homeschooling more than one child? I love CTCMath because with the Family Subscription, you can have math for everyone. It can be utilized as a full curriculum up until grade 8. They offer high school math along with it, but it becomes more of a supplement which is also wonderful. With CTCMath you will have 24/7 access to all of it everyday so that there is no rush to get it all in.

How do we use it in our school?

This is such an easy program to use, and getting it set up only takes minutes. One thing that I like when using an on-line program is that when they give you a parent/teacher log in and a student log in. CTCMath gives you both of those options.

While logged into the parent log-in, in a glance you can see your child's overall grade, activity, awards, and weekly reports. There is also an option to get a pdf in order to print out their grades if you need it.

Another option that is offered to you is setting up daily tasks for your child. We personally do not use this option because Gav just knows what he's supposed to do next. This is a great option to have though. For example, you could go in and set up the task that you want your student to do for Monday. You could even name it Monday's work. When they sign on under the student log in, it's ready for them to go under the tasks section and see their daily work. All the student has to do is click on that specific task and it will take them to the lesson. If you have the family subscription, then you can do this for multiple students. I can see where that would be a great help for keeping it all straight. 

So for Gav, this program is used daily. After he logs in, he goes to his daily lesson. Unless he had issues on the lesson before hand, he starts a new one. If he didn't understand the previous lesson, or just needs some extra practice, we redo it. 

The lessons are laid out one right after the other, and he can see what they are plus his grade/progress on each one from the student dashboard. He can even customize the colors of his dashboard which he loves. 

The lesson starts with a short video somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 to 9 minutes. This is where the concept that they are working on is explained in full detail with plenty of examples. He has watched quite few lessons, and has not had to come to me for extra help hardly at all. The lessons are clear and very easy to understand. He loves his "Australian teacher" and even asks to do his math lessons. That's a first for us!

When he's done with the video, he moves on to his questions. He keeps his pen and paper handy next to him to work out all of his problems, and then he adds his answer in to the computer. It's very straightforward and simple for him to do.

If he does good, which he normally does, the next day he will move on to the next lesson. If we feel like he needs additional help, he will redo the previous lesson. When he's finished with the entire group of lessons on a specific topic, I have him take one of the tests to make sure that he understands it all.

The only thing that I wish they could add is maybe an option to print out extra worksheets on each topic. I think it would make it easier to add extra reinforcement to each topic being taught. I don't think this takes away from the program at all, it's just something I would love to see as an extra option.

What did we think?

Well when your child asks to do math, and actually enjoys it, you love the program! He is doing so well right now, and has strengthened all of his math skills using CTCMath! I highly recommend this program to homeschoolers, or even public schoolers that need some extra supplemental help!

Don't forget that they are offering 60% off plus 6 bonus months right now! That is a fantastic price for this program!!

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