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MyFreezEasy.com Freezer Meal Plan Membership by MyFreezEasy ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

With 5 different people in the house and 3 different diets, meal planning can be a real task. For the last few weeks though, MyFreezEasy.com Freezer Meal Plan Membership by MyFreezEasy has made the task quite a bit easier! We were really excited to receive the Premium Annual Membership for this review.

What is MyFreezEasy all about?

I have never done freezer meals even though I've always wanted to. They always seem to be a lot of trouble and honestly extremely time consuming. Just like the name implies, MyFreezEasy makes the process more than easy to do. It will help you save time and money in meal planning!

MyFreezEasy is designed to help you get 10 to 12 meals in your freezer in less than an hour. They are easy, flavorful meal plans and recipes that keep this in mind.

The way it works is, you buy a monthly subscription to MyFreezEasy which is very affordable for what you get. The Basic Meal Plan, which is $7 a month or $77 annually, will get you access to 8 monthly meal plans each month, and the best part of all is it has options for almost any kind of diet. You will get new recipes every month with no repeats!

The different types of meal plans include:

  • Traditional Plan - 10 meals: mix of all different types of meals
  • Gluten Free Plan - 10 meals that are completely gluten free including the sides
  • Slow Cooker Plan - 10 meals that are all straight from your freezer into your slow cooker
  • Clean Eats Plan - 10 meals all clean ingredients
  • 20 Meals Plan - 20 meals that are all different types of meals
  • All Chicken Plan - 10 meals using all chicken so that if chicken is on sale, you can stock up and get meals ready to go in your freezer
  • All Ground Beef Plan - 10 meals using all ground beef to use the same as the chicken meals
  • All Pork Chops Plan - 10 meals using all pork chops so again you can stock up when it goes on sale

With the Premium Meal Plan you will still get access to the 8 monthly meal plans, but you can also create your own, and also change the amount of servings which works best for us! It's still very affordable at $10 a month or $95 a year.

With both meal plans you also get so much more than just a meal plan. They have included everything you need to not only plan, but also get you completely organized to go grocery shopping. They include shopping lists, assembly details, printable labels for your freezer meals, instructional videos, and even dairy and gluten free modifications. They really left nothing for you to do except decide what you want to eat!

How did we use MyFreezEasy?

Since we started this review, we received some news about our 10 year old son Gavin. He has a disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis. This means that he has food allergies that attack his esophagus. With all of his allergies, he has to eat gluten free and dairy free meals. I also have a vegetarian, plus my husband and I are trying to follow Trim Healthy Mama. The awesome thing about this meal plan is that you can get meals for ALL of those different diets in one place. I thought meal planning was going to be a nightmare, but this has honestly been a dream come true.

For September, I chose from the gluten free meals. I made several different ones up and put them in my freezer. Let me say, from the time you choose your meals, to the grocery shopping, to the actual assembly, it was extremely easy. For October, I utilized the build your own meal plan feature that's available to the Premium Meal Plan subscribers.

After you pick your meals, it's as easy as printing them out. I also love that you can save the meals to your computer, so that if you find some favorites, they will always be there. The old meal plans disappear after that month, so if you want them, you need to save them.

I love the grocery list for all of the meals that it comes with because it makes it so much easier than going through each recipe and trying to write it all down, because that's what I've always done. It's laid out so that it makes everything easy to find.

So for example I'm going to talk about one of the meals that was a real hit here. It's the Dutch Oven Italian Chicken and Potatoes. After I chose my meals and printed out my lists, it was so easy to throw into a freezer bag and into the freezer. Some recipes I kept ready to cook, and a few I decided to freeze. This meal was a freezer meal and it worked out perfectly.

I literally took the ingredients and put it in a freezer bag. That was it. It took maybe 10 minutes for that one meal, only because I had to open the chicken and wash it. I through it in the freezer and I was done.

When it came time to cook that meal, I had forgotten to take it out of the freezer the night before. Well I let it thaw for an hour or so and decided to throw it in my crock pot. It came out beautifully! I was a little concerned over freezing potatoes because I've had a bad experience with freezing potatoes before, but this turned out just great. You would have never known the potatoes were frozen!

What did we think?

Honestly I loved this plan more than I ever thought I would. Now that I'm getting the hang of planning meals for 3 different types of diets, I plan on solely using this program. It's just too easy to make meals for everyone that won't get boring. The meals are good, and they are easy to tweak if you need to change it up a bit. I definitely give this plan 5 stars, and I think it would benefit anyone from the working mom to the homeschool mom! 

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MyFreezEasy was generous enough to let 100 of us review their product, so if you would like to read other reviews just click the banner below.

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