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Educeri Lesson Subscription Service by Educeri.....Educeri a division of DataWorks ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

I love to find programs that the kids can use the computer to work on. In a house that doesn't have much extra space for more books, it is so much easier to log onto a program and put them to work. I was excited to receive this review to Educeri Lesson Subscription Service from Educeri....Educeri a division of DataWORKS. They were very generous and gave us 12 months of access to their program to use for this review.

What is Educeri?

Educeri is a fairly new program, and was designed by John Hollingsworth and Dr. Silvia Ybarra along with their team of specialists. This is not a program that is only designed for homeschool students. It's actually perfect for public school kids as well, or anyone that is in need of a little supplementation. Educeri offers over a 1000 lessons in all different subjects, so that you can get some extra help where it's needed. The subjects they offer for grades K-12 are:

  • Math - 413 lessons for all grades
  • English Language Arts - 525 lessons for all grades
  • Science - 22 lessons mostly for middle-high school grades
  • History - 26 lessons mostly 5th grade and up
  • Art, P.E, and Music - They only have a lesson or 2 each.
They have made it easy to get started with this program, and will even provide you with a free demonstration on how to use it if you need it. They seem very willing to help you succeed with this, and that's definitely a plus.

How did we use Educeri in our homeschool?

First of all I want to comment on the layout of this program. It's very easy to navigate which is important to me. It's no fun using a program that you have to try and figure out how to use. With the search feature, it makes it very convenient to just type in what I'm looking for, and get to a lesson quickly. Other than the search feature, the lessons are easily accessible through drop down menus for subject and/or grade. Using this makes it easy to see all lessons offered for either the grade you are looking for or whichever subject you are looking through. Both are efficient.

The format of each lesson is set up as a Powerpoint presentation. I have to be honest and say that my kids did not care for that format. I think while working on the computer they would rather something with a little more sound and interaction. I also think that all of the extra boxes and words distracted them a bit. I believe that this is more for the "teachers" considering it's supposed to be lesson plans, but it did not work well here at our house with our kids. They got to the point that they were asking if they had to do it because it confused them. I told them not to worry about the extras on the page and just try and focus on the main subject, and that seemed to help a little bit. This was particularly a struggle for my child with ADD. It was just too much going on for her, and she stopped using the program almost immediately. My son continued on and we did several lessons together, and he did have a little more success than my daughter did.

What did we think of this program?

Well I think that this program would be a good fit for some people even if it isn't for us as a family. They are Common Core aligned, and even though we do not align with anything Common Core, I can see where this would be great for certain families that need it, especially a supplement for students who attend public school. I also wish they had a few more options in the science and history section since that is always a favorite subject here. Of course I can also understand that there is more of a demand for math and language arts.

If you are looking for a supplemental program that is also CC aligned, then I think this would be a good fit for you.
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