Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Week Before the Wedding ~ Weekly Wrap-Up

The countdown is on and it's now the week of the wedding! In case you haven't heard, my oldest is getting married next Saturday. We are getting things ready this week to go back home on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure there will be a lot to do once we get there! It's been a busy, wild, and abnormal couple of months since we moved. I am ready to have some normalcy back in our lives after we get home from the wedding.

This week has been a pretty normal week with the exception of Drake working until 230 am...It throws us all off schedule, but hopefully that will come to an end soon. I'm proud of him that he works so hard.

I have been working on Baylie's bohemian jars for her wedding. They aren't easy, but I am figuring them out slowly but surely. I found them on Pinterest, but it only told you the supplies you need, I could never find any instructions on them! Anyway, I am going to do a tutorial on them when I get back. Maybe that way it will be a little easier for anyone else who wants to try them.

The downer part of the week was yesterday morning. I tried on my brand new shoes I got for the wedding. I wanted to try them on with my dress so that I could see if my dress was still long. I took about 4 steps and my ankle literally gave out on me. I broke it many years ago in a bad car accident, and it's just weak. So, now I'm torn about wearing them :( I mean I SURE don't want that to happen at the wedding! So, now I have to make the decision whether to keep them, or go and try to find some different ones that are flats. 

Other than that it's been a busy week. We've been having some incredible sunsets lately so I took a quick pic of one the other evening.

I will post a bunch of pictures from the wedding after we get home and settled! I think it will be beautiful. My baby is all grown up now. I'm sure I will shed some tears next week...better get my waterproof mascara for that day!

Have a beautiful week everyone!


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