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Beric the Briton by Heirloom Audio Productions ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

This week I'm bringing you another review for a fantastic audio drama! Beric the Briton by Heirloom Audio Productions is my second listening adventure from the books of G.A. Henty. I was super excited to see this one come of up for review because we loved The Dragon and the Raven so much. I already had high expectations for this one, and it did not disappoint.  They have really brought history to life with their storytelling, amazing sound effects, and beautifully written soundtrack.

If you've never had the pleasure of listening to an audio drama from Heirloom Audio Productions, then let me tell you a little bit about what to expect. Heirloom Audio Productions is known for recreating the stories of the legendary G.A. Henty. Mr. Henty was a war correspondent, a big guy with a big beard, who lived for adventure.  Unless you've lived under a rock, then you know he was a master story teller. He loved to share his stories with his family, and throughout the years, he went on to write 122 books! Heirloom Audio takes these stories and makes them come alive.  I am an avid book lover, and recently have even given audio books a try so I could listen and crochet at the same time. This is like no audio book. It truly is an adventure that allows your imagination to run wild, and it gives you a clear picture of what is going on throughout it.

What did we receive for this review?

What I love about these audio adventures is that Heirloom Audio Productions offers so many components to go along with their story. 

First, of course, we were given the 2 CD set. With the set, we were also given the bonuses that are available for download. These include:

  • Beric the Briton MP3 set ~ This was so nice to have because I had put the CD's on for my children while I was busy. I missed a lot of it. I downloaded the MP3s to my phone and was able to listen with ear phones while I crocheted! Perfect!
  • Beric the Briton e-book ~ This is Henty's original with colorful graphics.
  • Official MP3 soundtrack ~ Original score by Emmy-winning composer John Campbell
  • Printable Cast Poster ~ This colorful poster has the cover of the book with a picture of the cast.
  • Inspirational Verse Poster ~ A printable copy of the inspirational verse, Proverbs 21:31
  • Live the Adventure Letter ~ You will get unlimited access to this e-news letter
  • Behind the Scenes Video ~ A behind the scenes documentary with cast and crew. 
  • Study Guide and Discusson packet ~ This is a wonderful tool for discussion, and to make sure your listeners are getting everything in the story. It is a 48 page study guide that can turn this adventure into a complete story curriculum.

About Beric the Briton

I am terrible at explaining books and movies without going into too much detail. I always want to give you the gist of the story without giving away too much, so here's my short and sweet version! Beric was a young guy in a tribe, who is under the reign of Queen Boadecia during the times of the Roman invasion of ancient Britannia. After the Queen is defeated, Beric and his best friend, Bodouc, are captured by the Romans and sent to Rome, where they are ulitmately trained as gladiators to fight in the Colosseum! During this time, there is a new "Christus" that people are talking about and beginning to follow as Christians. The Emperor Nero does not like this so he gives them an ultimatum. This story is action packed and will keep you waiting for what happens next!

I also want to take a second to tell you about the star studded cast that Heirloom gets for these productions. You will most likely recognize, if not one, all of the cast members. They do an amazing job of bringing everyone to life!

What did we think?

Of course we loved this one! I really didn't think I would enjoy this type of entertainment because of the time period, but it has proven to be something that I am very interested in! These CDs are perfect for long car rides, or just listening in your living room. If you are looking for a good solid 2 hours of entertainment, Beric the Briton from Heirloom Audio Adventures is where it's at!

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