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Traditional Logic I Complete Set by Memoria Press ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Although we don't use the Classical Education method, I was really intrigued when I read about Traditional Logic I Complete Set by Memoria Press.  I never took a Logic course in school, but it looked like something that I wanted to try and add in for my kids. I had originally thought this would be a good fit for both of my older kids, but quickly realized after receiving it that it was definitely not something for Edyn. I was wanting to use it as an elective, so we started using it to fill in for my Senior.

What we received for this review:

Traditional Logic I Complete Set comes with:
  • DVD Set 
  • Student Guide - 146 page glossy bound book
  • Quizzes and Tests
  • Teacher's Guide - Answer Key for student guide, Tests, and Quizzes are all found here.
About Traditional Logic I Complete Set:

Well let's just say that honestly before we got this set, I had no clue what Logic was and was a bit apprehensive about it, because I wasn't sure that I would be able to teach it adequately. Honestly, I'm still lost on this subject because it doesn't interest me in the least bit. Now for my son, who should become a lawyer someday, and who we really do call Mr. Logic, it was fine for him. I really didn't have to worry about it because although I was completely confused from the very beginning, my son picked it up quickly and actually said that it was easy. 

This book studies formal logic rather than informal logic. It is designed to be a one-semester course or about 15 weeks, but it is possible for it to be done a little sooner than that.. At the rate that Drake is going, he will likely be done early. 

The recommended age group for this course is for high school students, but can be used with mature 7th and 8th grade students. 

How we used this in our school:

Drake picked this up fairly quickly on his own. I did the first lesson with him and then he took off and did all of it independently and then brought me his work to check. They tell you at the beginning of the Student Guide that the first 3 chapters are the most abstract and that they can be skipped if needed, He flew right through these with no issues. 

If you know me and have read any of my past reviews, then you will know that I love when things are laid out for the student. It makes planning so much easier and it gives the student an idea of what they need to be doing for the week. This program does that perfectly. It's broken down into 14 chapters in which the student reads and then does the daily work. Each chapter has 4 days worth of daily work, and then the student will take a quiz at the end of the chapter. When the course is completed they will end it by taking a final exam. Like I said, Drake works independently with little to no help from me. One thing I would like to point out is that he only watched the DVD's one time. He said that he didn't really need them and he would rather just read the text about it.

Drake said that he has enjoyed this program, and would want to move on to Book II. It really is a perfect course for him, because he enjoys any and all abstract thinking. I don't see Edyn ever getting to this course. It's just not her thing, so I would not force it on her.

Memoria Press was once again very generous and let 100 of us on the Crew review their products. If you would like to read more reviews, click the banner below.

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