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The Dragon and the Raven by Heirloom Audio Productions - A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Have you ever been on an audio adventure? I had no clue what an audio adventure WAS until I had the privilege of reviewing The Dragon and The Raven by Heirloom Audio Productions.  They have really brought history to life with their storytelling, amazing sound effects, and beautifully written soundtrack.
G.A. Henty

Heirloom Audio Productions recreates the stories of the legendary G.A. Henty. Mr. Henty was a war correspondent, a big guy with a big beard, who lived for adventure.  Unless you've lived under a rock, then you know he was a master story teller. He loved to share his stories with his family, and throughout the years, he went on to write 122 books! Heirloom Audio takes these stories and makes them come alive.  I am a huge book lover, and recently have even given audio books a try so I could listen and crochet at the same time. This is like no audio book. It truly is an adventure that allows your imagination to run wild, and it gives you a clear picture of what is going on throughout it.

This particular story, The Dragon and the Raven, is an energetic, fun filled adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The Danes wipe through England leaving a path of destruction. King Alfred the Great was the ruler of the kingdom of Wessex. He and Edmund, his loyal thane faced the Danes head on. They realize that their only hope is to seek God in all of this even after the nation had already abandoned Him. The Dragon and the Raven has a star studded cast that has an amazing ability to pull you in and leaves you feeling as though you are there with them! Just a few big names are John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings), Brian Blessed (Star Wars), and John Bell (The Hobbit).

What we received: 

We received the 2 CD set with all of the downloadable bonuses. The actual audio adventure gives over 2 hours of action packed drama.

The bonuses include:

MP3 download. This is great if you want to put it on your kids tablets or phones for them to be able to listen to it whenever they want! I added it to my phone so that we can listen in the car, and not have to bring the CDs with us. 

The Dragon and the Raven original E-book: They have gone in and redesigned and illustrated the original book plus added all new colorful graphics. The graphics are beautiful!

The official MP3 download of the original soundtrack: This contains all of the original music by Emmy - winning composer John Campbell.  We are going to go back through it after we listen to the story again and talk about the music and what it says about the story. The music goes right along with the story as a perfect match!

Printable Cast Poster: You will receive a download for a beautifully designed 24" by 36" poster.

Inspirational Verse Poster: You will get a printable copy of the verse quoted by King Alfred in The Dragon and the Raven, Proverbs 21:31. "The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord."

Live the Adventure Letter: You will get unlimited access to the Live the Adventure Letter E-Newsletter. The Live the Adventure website is pretty great too. It includes parent resources and a kid's corner. We found a recipe for some Alfred Cakes we are even going try!

Behind the Scenes Documentary: This is a 50 minute documentary that includes the cast, crew, and actors in the studio.

Study Guide and Discussion: Last but not least, you will get a 49-page beautifully designed, printable, study guide and discussion. I love how this study guide is done. It goes by the disc and track number so it's easily found. The way we used the study guide is we pulled it up on everyone's electronic device. After we listened to a track, we would talk about it and answer the questions. This worked much better for us than trying to listen to the entire thing and then going over the study guide.

How we used this:

There are so many ways this can be used. You can use it to get together as a family, pop some popcorn, grab a blanket and settle in for some great entertainment.  We decided to listen to it over a few days in the morning while we had our breakfast, and then go over the study guide.  It's also great entertainment for long road trips in the car!  

I am so glad that we have now found the wonderful audio adventures that Heirloom Audio Productions creates! The Dragon and the Raven is only the start to our collection! They have several different options when ordering. You can order the "Family Four Pack" for only $99.97 and receive 4 copies of The Dragon and the Raven to share with family and friends. You will also receive all of the downloadable bonuses with your order. They also have available a 2 CD set single package for $29.97 plus shipping and handling. With this order you will also receive the downloadable study guide, the inspirational poster, and the MP3 soundtrack. If you are wanting to get it super quick, you can get the MP3 download for $19.97. With this package you will also receive the study guide and the inspirational verse.

We absolutely loved The Dragon and the Raven, and we can't wait to settle in and listen to the other adventures that they offer!

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The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}

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