Thursday, December 10, 2015

Word of the week is....Joy

Have you ever had one of those weeks that just wouldn't quit?  I am OVER it! I have been on an emotional roller coaster that I am screaming to get off of! First of all, everyone has been sick. Gavyboy started getting sick last week with upper respiratory and coughing. Luckily some Mucinex knocked it out pretty well. Monday, I had talked to my oldest daughter and she shared that she was going through a bunch of life junk and of course her baby was sick again. Tuesday, Edyn started feeling bad so we had to head to the Dr. with her. Wednesday didn't give me anything better. Drake had surgery back in July, and has had complications ever since. He tells me that he's having an issue and that he needs to go back to the surgeon. Well off we go today, and he ended up having to have a small procedure in the office. Not fun, and too gory of details to go into. You'll thank me for that. Here it is Thursday night, and guess who's sick now? ME!! Guess who doesn't have time to be sick? ME!! My husband has to work late tomorrow, and all day Saturday but one word...overtime There's that silver lining I was looking for! The grocery shopping also has to be done, and I honestly don't feel like going. Do I have to feed these people? Can't they just order pizza the next few days?
Hey 2nd week of December, it's been fun, but you can go now!  Since I try and be a glass half full kind of girl, I have to say, among all the chaos, and among all of the junk, God has really shown up and shown off. God's timing is so funny to me. You can pray heaven down for something or someone, and just when you say "Uh hello, God, are you there?", He shows up in pure chaos and reminds you that His timing is the only timing. His grace and love have amazed me today. He was working behind the scenes this week on all of the big AND little things. While I was whining about a little kink in my plans, He was restoring relationships and healing people I love.  He has reminded me that He does hear my prayers, and also the most important thing is that my JOY is found in Him. This entire week I was focused on the crazy and the out of control. I wasn't seeing all of the happiness and love that was still happening all around me.  It doesn't matter how bad your week is or what you're going through, there is JOY to be found in Him!! 

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