Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmastime and Gingerbread houses

I can't believe it's already Christmas week. Didn't I just put the tree up yesterday? I really think I just want to keep that bad boy up all year because if you're anything like me, then you put a LOT of blood, sweat, and tears into putting the tree up.  I actually splurged and got a new tree this year. I like to use my tree until it's not much more than a base with a limb hanging on with nothing but a hope and a prayer.  Last year we swept up more of the tree than we decorated so I knew this year would be the time I had to replace it. I got a nice new tree and got it all decorated with the kids help. It's my favorite so far! I added a lot of decorative mesh and it makes the tree so much fuller!

After the tree is up and we set our little village up, I pretty much give the kids free reign on the rest of the decorating. They like to string lights up all over the house, and I pretty much let them lol. What's Christmas without lights on anything that will sit still? I was raised with no Christmas due to the religion of my family, so I like to make it super special for them. I want them to grow up with memories of family and fun!

After Thanksgiving it's traditional that our little elf Jake comes to stay with us until Christmas Day.  We have had him for 4 years and look forward to him every year. He is like part of our family. We've never played into the "Jake is watching you, so you better be good threats", so we just like him to have fun and be silly. Just like our family! This may be the last year for Jake because I think we've held on to the magic as long as we can.  I have to say that this makes me sad. Sure we will still make Christmas fun, but we've moved into a new chapter after this year. It's just another thing that seals the deal on the fact that our kids are growing up. It's so bittersweet for me as a mom. Why can't they stay babies forever?  On a happier note, it's my sweet granddoll's first Christmas, so I can't wait to start new traditions with her, and keep the magic alive!

I had all of these Christmas crafts and projects that I wanted to do this year and we didn't do much of anything! We made snowflakes and gingerbread houses and that was about it. Yes I'm a failure at Christmas Crafts. I hope there's a support group for moms like me. Planners who don't always follow through because....Life. Life tends to get in the way all the time.  We were out of town, and then sick, and then moving the homeschool room to the loft. We just didn't have as much time for crafts. I hate that, but we did get to make the gingerbread houses. My kids love to decorate, and if it's messy, then that's even better. We bought the pre-made houses because last year we tried to make our own. That ended in crumbles and regret. It was nothing but a mess. I think the pre-made worked much better and lasted so much longer. They can still be creative, and the house is actually standing. It's a win win!

We actually have already had Christmas in our house. Since we've moved away from all of our family, we have to travel back at holidays to see them. Last year we had Christmas right before we left, and the kids had to leave all of their new stuff behind a day later. We wanted them to be able to have time with their things and enjoy them so we did Christmas last weekend. They were all fine with it so it was perfect. Well it was a perfect thought. We decided that Santa was going to come on Saturday night. The Friday before our A/C went out. Now you may not think it's a big deal with it being December and all, but we live in Texas. The state next to the sun. It was 80 degrees outside and this girl likes the thermostat set to nothing above 70 degrees!  Well needless to say it was 84 degrees in our house, so it was a very HOT Christmas Eve for us! I think Santa almost melted when he came in! We were very thankful for a cold front that came in in the middle of the night. At least we didn't all melt!
Gavin opening his Xbox 1

Drake opening his Playstation 4 

Edyn with her new Canon Rebel T5

Well we will be headed back home at the end of the week to see the rest of our family for a short trip and then back home. I hope that you all get to spend this time with friends and family. Don't forget what the season is all about!
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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