Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Smart Kidz Radio by Smart Kidz Media ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

Sometimes it's really hard to find uplifting music for your children that you can confidently let them listen to without worrying they will hear something they shouldn't. For the last few weeks we have been reviewing a brand new program called Smart Kidz Radio by Smart Kidz Media.

This review isn't really for my kids because they are a little too old for this content in my opinion, but I did have my grand babies in mind for it. Finding a children's radio station, that really is catered to safe listening for your children, isn't the easiest thing to do. Even if you find something that has toddler songs, or children's songs, you may still have to worry about what's being said on the commercials. I've even come across some questionable children's songs! As parents or grandparents it would be nice to be able to turn some music on for our children and walk away. This is where the new online kids radio station, Smart Kidz Radio comes in to play. No pun intended. :)

When you go to the website, it's extremely simple to navigate. You can be streaming the music with the click of a button.

The music is your typical kids style music. You get uplifting and upbeat songs that teach along the way. I did feel like a lot of the songs sounded similar, but I guess you will get that effect when they are catered to children.

If you click on the menu icon at the bottom of the screen you are taken to what is my favorite part of the program. This is where you can listen to what they refer to as podcasts, but they are actually really great fairy tales!

After you get to this screen, you click on the icon with the microphone and it will take you to the list of podcasts! I listened to a few of them and they were all great! This would be perfect to put on for your child for quiet time, or even bed time. Some of my favorites were Alice in Wonderland, The Three Little Bears, Hansel and Gretal, and of course Little Red Riding Hood. Most of the stories run between 15 and 20 minutes long. This is perfect for a young child's attention span.

As of right now, the free live streaming is all that's available from your computer. I know that apps are in the works. If you can listen from your phone or tablet, this will take this program to a whole new level. Also, they are going to offer an upgraded on demand option. This will run you a small fee, but nothing extreme. You will be able to pick and choose different types of song and story programming. Here is a great FAQ page that will answer all or most of your questions about the up and coming on demand option.

If you are interested in finding an online radio station completely geared for kids, then I would highly recommend Smart Kidz Radio by Smart Kidz Media. It's definitely something I wish I would have had around when my kids were younger!

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