Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Two of our first projects!

So we have lots to change around the house, but I am super excited about two of our first changes! The sink in the kitchen was so shallow, and the faucet was so small that there is no way I could have put a pot under it to fill it! My husband bought the most wonderful sink and faucet that I've ever had, and changed it out for me. I don't know how on Earth I ever lived without a single basin sink! I love her! 

Another project that my husband tackled was the light that goes over the kitchen table. It was a really...eclectic...yes we will go with that, light before. It was pink with some gold and looked like it needed to be in a beach cabin, Definitely not my style, so we bought one and AJ changed it out for me!

I will keep you posted on more projects as we go. We are still painting too. It will definitely take a little while to get this entire house done!

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