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Á La Carte products by Home School in the Woods ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

We love anything to do with American History, and this week's first review is about having a little fun and learning all at the same time. We have been having so much fun playing two file folder games from the Á La Carte products by Home School in the Woods.

If you have been following me for some time then Home School in the Woods is not new to you. I have reviewed for them twice before and they never disappoint. They take a lot of great care to insure that you are getting a quality product from them at an affordable cost. I love that they are a Christian based company, and also a homeschooling family.

Home School in the Woods has a lot of complete set type of products, but they are also offering what they call Á La Carte in case you only want one small part of a particular subject. These are hands-on activities that can include anything from timelines, games, arts and crafts, lap booking and so much more. They have so many to choose from and they are extremely affordable coming in at under $10 each. There are quite a few under $5! I love that they make it easy to add in some fun things to your current study.

What did we receive?

The first file folder game we received is called Liberty at Last! This game is for 2-6 players and geared for 3rd through 8th grade. This is a digital download product so you can be printing the game in minutes. All you need to get started is some paper, card stock, a file folder, some colored pencils or crayons if you choose to color it, and one die. You will also want to have your favorite scissors handy to get this all cut out. We chose to color our game board, and use some colored card stock for the game cards, and it turned out great! I also printed out the markers on card stock so that they would be a little more durable. I love that the markers are all famous people! Gav had a good time picking a new person each time we played!

The object of this game is to move across the board, but during your journey you will learn facts about people and events along the way. If you roll a 1-5, you just move across the board space by space. If you roll a six, you get to draw from the card stack and read about that person or event. You also automatically move your marker to that space on the board. It can be great if it moves you ahead, but it can also hurt you if it moves you back on the board too much. We liked this one a lot because after playing a few times, Gav was starting to memorize the cards, which means he was memorizing important parts of history!

The second game that we received as a digital download is called, Battle Blitz! It is also set for 2-6 players, and for grades 3rd through 8th. Again, you will need the same supplies as before, but make sure you have at least six different colors of card stock in order for everyone to have a different color army (marker).

Now this Revolutionary War game takes a little more thinking to get across the board to the finish line! Each player chooses an army and battles it out down the board. You will have to answer questions all about the American Revolution! I realized real quick what facts Gav remembered from our studies, and some he didn't. After playing a few rounds, he was remembering them better and better! Again, what a fun way, to remember interesting facts about the Revolutionary War!

What did we think?

We are always happy with anything we get from Home School in the Woods. They always go above and beyond with their illustrations, and making sure that everything looks professional. We already have our eye on this WWII: Military Weaponry Notebook Project, and the Science, Invention, and Mathematicians Timeline! Go check out the Á La Carte products, and see what fun and hands-on activities you can add to your studies!

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