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The Greatest Inventors from A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

I love doing lapbooks even though my kids are getting older. There's just something about them that I have always been drawn to. For the last few weeks we have had the privilege of working on The Greatest Inventors from A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks

If you are new to homeschooling, or have never heard of lapbooks, let me explain a little bit about what they are. A lapbook is kind of like a collection of little pieces of information, which are called mini-books, and they are all combined together to make one big book. This is normally done by using file folders. They can be very fun, and you can get very creative with them. Lapbooks can be used for almost any subject and also for any age. I love them because in our house, they turn into a wonderful study tool, but it's also something tangible that the kids have made, and can go back and review it at any time.

What did we receive for our review?

We were given the download version of The Greatest Inventors that also includes a study guide. It is nicely put together and gives you almost everything you need to get started. They use clear, colorful pictures and pieces that make working on this lapbook fun and easy. 

With this lapbook set your children will learn about some of the greatest inventors of our time! The Greatest Inventors includes many wonderful people such as:
  • Henry Ford
  • Thomas Edison
  • Eli Whitney
  • The Wright Brothers
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • and many more!

How did we use it in our school?

This is a fun review for us. We love learning about people so much that we dedicated a time everyday to work on a biography. The Greatest Inventors fit perfectly into that time for us. After receiving the download, it's basically a print and go. All you need other than the lapbook components are three file folders and some glue sticks.

After everything is printed, you will see that it has a few instructions in the beginning, and even a map to help show you where to put the smaller books into the lapbook itself. I love that because it makes it fast and easy. 

We used this as a mini unit study. Each person that is included in the lapbook has a page or two about them that tells their accomplishments and what they invented. We would use that as a guide, and read other books about them, other information on the Internet, or even watch videos about them. You for sure do not have to do the extra if you are wanting just a quick and fun lapbook. 

Putting the lapbook together is easy and instructions are included. You will basically glue together three folders and it will make one big book. We would read the information sheet about the person we were studying, and then fill out the mini book and glue it onto it's space on the folder. It's very simple! From there, you can extend this study as much as you want. You could do some extra crafts, or just utilize short movies on YouTube. It's very flexible. 

What did we think?

We love it! We haven't finished it yet because like I said we are drawing the lessons out a bit. It's geared for grades 2-8 so you could use it with multiple kids, and that is always something I love. 

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