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English Grammar Teaching Method from English on a Roll ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

For the last few weeks we have been working on a really fun and different English program. My kids love manipulatives when they are learning because it seems to help them remember things better. English Grammar Teaching Method from English on a Roll has been a really different experience for us in our homeschool.

Grammar is extremely important to me, so I will try almost any English or language arts type of program. I feel that I have a pretty good knowledge of grammar, but honestly there is so much to learn. Little rules here and there so I don't think that you can ever review it too much. I have always heard that English is one of the most complicated languages to learn, and I truly believe that.

If you have ever taught homeschool, grammar is normally going over the rules and maybe doing some worksheets or working online. English on a Roll is different because it uses MSL, or Multisensory Structured Language. This method, which has had a large amount of research, uses simultaneous teaching to the auditory, visual, and tactile learning styles. It starts with the basics and builds on them a little at a time to the more complex lessons. It also uses direct instruction which is continuous interaction between the teacher and the student. Another important facet is repetition and review. This is key to using this program! Last but not least, synthetic and analytic teaching which is building the whole with parts and breaking the whole into parts.

What did we receive?

The manipulatives are a block set of 40 different color coded all plastic cubes with case. They are very well made, and that was very impressive to me.

The teacher's manual is a 140 page soft bound book.

How did we use English on a Roll?

This program says that it can be used for anyone ages 5 and up. It is also geared for ESL students or anyone who needs extra help in grammar.

We decided to jump right in and use this a few times a week. When I first opened the book and thumbed through the first few lessons, I thought that this was entirely too easy for my kids, and it wouldn't really be anything new since they are 12 and 14. The first lesson honestly took us minutes to go over because it really was ONLY review for them. But, as the lessons progressed, they turned into more lengthy discussions, and I could really start seeing the benefits of the program.

There is very little preparation needed to get started. The book tells you everything you need for each lesson including which cubes that you will need to get out of the box for that particular lesson. I love anything that saves me time! There are pages in the front that also tells you which cubes are what so that you can find them quickly in the box. The book also tells you if you need to copy any of the pages for your student. This is covered in the copy right. There are even hints and tips on how to effectively teach each lesson.

The very first lesson is on pronouns. This was surprising to me considering lessons we've done in the past normally start with nouns and verbs. I do think that if you are trying to learn English as a second language then it makes complete sense. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that.

Like I said, the book tells you all that you need to prepare for each lesson. You will only give your students the cubes needed for the lesson that they are on. We would go over the lessons and worksheets, but their favorite part was definitely working with the manipulatives. They enjoy the section called Conversation and games. For instance, they may roll one of the cubes and then make a sentence with the cubes that are left. It was fun to see what they would come up with.

Our thoughts on the product was that it has been a really fun experience for us. I am going to continue with the book until it's done because it is great review and they have even learned a few new things. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is teaching ESL or even someone that is just needing the extra help.

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