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UnLock Pre-Algebra from UnLock Math ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

I always love reviewing math programs. There are so many out there and each one has it's own set of strengths. For the last few weeks Edyn has been using UnLock Pre-Algebra from UnLock Math.

UnLock Math, an online math curriculum, was started by Matthew and Alesia Blackwood. Alesia had the dream of becoming a teacher from an early age, and is now certified to teach Mathematics for grades 7-12. Both coming from a homeschool background, they realized that there was a need for a good math program that would be parent friendly and would take care of everything for them including teaching, testing, and grading.

Homeschooling math can be one of the most challenging and difficult subjects to take on. Homeschooling high school math can be even harder. I have always been very good at at math, but I can tell you that I have forgotten some of the steps to Pre-Algebra and Algebra since I've been out of school. Finding a math that is a complete curriculum, and that has to have very little help from me has been challenging.

I also have a child with learning disabilities. I have always said that I need programs for her that are broken down into small bite size pieces. Otherwise, she can't process all of it. This is the reason I was so excited for UnLock Math. I love the fact that the videos are unique and follow their concept of ENGAGE, EXPLAIN, ENTERTAIN. This is so important for a child who suffers from severe A.D.D. If the video is boring, she won't retain any of the information. I believe UnLock Math may be the key to helping her completely understand the concepts of math.

How does it work?

I love how this curriculum is set up. First of all, I don't have to beg her to do it. She loves being able to log in and get started with minimal help from me.

First off you will have two log ins. A parent log in and a student log in. I have always loved this option. With UnLock Math, you can log into the parent side and get straight to the student dashboard from there. You can skip the step of having to log out and back in with the student's info.

From the parent log in you can manage your students and courses. You can also manage your account, billing information etc.

Once you get to your student dashboard, you will find most of the information for your student's progress here. The set up is so easy to understand, and there are several pieces of information available to you and your student at a glance.

If you look at the screenshot above you can see her grade at a glance, and yes an 80 is very good for her. You can also see how much of the program she has completed. You have easy access for a progress report and also easy access to the grade book. I love that it's all right there at your fingertips.

On the left of the screenshot you can see where the different Units are listed. This is easy to see for your student, and keeps them going right along in the correct order. A quick click of the rocket for the Unit that they are working on will take the right to the screen they need to be.

A quick look at the grade book will show your student's progress, and give you all of the details you need to see where they are excelling or struggling with something. If she doesn't understand a certain task, then she goes back and does it again until she does.

Upon entering a Unit, your student will have a screen that looks somewhat like the screenshot below.

They will have lessons, quizzes, and tests right here all in one spot that's easy to find. They will start with their first lesson, and work their way through. Yes it's that simple.

Once they start the lesson, they will be taken to the screen that has everything they need to get started for the day. It is so easy to follow!

First into their lesson is the Warm Up. This is 5 questions that eases them into some math for the day, plus its a review of what they've learned prior to that day. After the Warm Up, they will watch the video that explains all about the lesson they are focusing on for the day. The videos are so clear and very entertaining, and not super long. Your student has a chance to get right to work, and start trying out the Practice Problems which is what they will work on next. They will have 10 problems to practice what they just learned in the video. If they do good on the Practice Problems, they can move on. If not, they can open them up again, and they will have NEW problems to work on, and they will take the best grade.

After they have completed the Practice Problems, then they will move on to the ten Stay Sharp questions which is more review of what they've learned prior. I LOVE all of the review that this program offers. In my opinion, it's how the child will retain what is learned!

Last but not least is the Challenge Question. This just offers your child a problem that really makes them put their thinking cap on to solve. They are normally a lot of fun! There are also reference notes at the end of each lesson that can be printed.

What did we think?

This has been a great product for Edyn, and has definitely been everything they claim and more. I have no issues at all getting Edyn to do her math everyday. She has had the confidence to get it done, and has been doing really good. If she has an issue with anything, she just goes back and does it again. It's that simple. If you are looking for a great online math curriculum please check out UnLock Math. Here are the courses that they have available:

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