Wednesday, February 1, 2017

C is for Colombia ~ Blogging Through the Alphabet

So far picking a location is part of the fun for my kids. My daughter had several places that start with "C" picked out so she tossed them all into a cup and drew one. Colombia was it!

Colombia was named after Christopher Columbus. 

Colombian Flag:

What continent is Colombia on? Colombia is also on South America just like Brazil!

What is the capital of Colombia? Bogota

What kind of government does Colombia have? Colombia is a Republic and has a strong Executive Branch that takes dominance over the government. They also have a legislative and judicial branch.

What are the people called that live there? They are Colombians!

What is the official language spoken here? Spanish

What kind of animals is this place known for? Columbia has the largest number of terrestrial mammals species in the world, in other words, mammals on land.

Spectacled Bear
  • Spectacled Bear which is similar to the Giant Panda in Asia
  • The Colombian Woolly Monkey
  • The Red Howler Monkey
  • The Mountain Tapir
  • The Giant Anteater
  • The Giant Armadillo
These are just a few of them!

Famous People in History from Colombia: Gabriel Garcia Marquez who was a Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, Juan Pablo Montoya (race car driver), and Fernando Botero who is a famous sculptor and painter.

Fun Facts:

Columbia's official name is the Republic of Colombia

Columbia shares land borders with 5 other countries that include Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.

The currency of Colombia is called the Colombian peso.

Colombia has a population of over 45 million people!

The most popular sport in Colombia is also football or what we call soccer.

Thank you for checking out our place of the week!

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  1. wow... I know so much more about Columbia now. Visiting from ABC blogging.

  2. Thanks for doing all this legwork for us! :D

    1. We are really enjoying doing it! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing! My son and I were talking about spectacled bears yesterday, because we used to go see them at the zoo when the kids were little and neither of us could remember where they lived naturally - now we know!

    1. They are super cute, and I honestly couldn't remember ever seeing them, even in a zoo! I probably have but forgotten it lol!

  4. I think the spectacled bear is adorable! Thanks for sharing so many fun facts about Colombia.

    1. I thought he was too! Thanks for stopping by!