Monday, November 14, 2016

Gavin's 2nd Scope was today..

If you recall about 2 months ago, my 11 year old son, Gavin, was diagnosed with a condition called Eoe. This is caused by food allergies that end up attacking his esophagus. He was having symptoms of food becoming "stuck" in his esophagus, but we had always chalked it up to him not chewing properly. The actual problem was that he had a build up in his esophagus that was causing his food to get stuck. The doctor put him on a strict diet since he was allergic to wheat, soy, dairy, sesame, peanuts, and corn. He also put him on daily Protonix. It hasn't been easy for Gav because he had to give up a lot of the foods that he loves, but we have found some great things to use as a replacement.

Today he went back for his 2nd scope, and he did very well. The doctor said that his esophagus is moving in the right direction, and that it looks better. He also took some biopsies to see what the number of eosinophils is now compared to last time. He explained to us that Gavin's allergic reaction to things isn't immediate. It takes about 3 to 5 days for him to react in his esophagus. So, in order to keep this in check we have to continue the strict diet, and medication. If he doesn't eat correctly, then he will get the build up, and have to have his esophagus stretched. This is definitely something that we are trying to avoid.

So, we are going to keep on with what we are doing, and keep praying that the number of eosinophils continues to go down. We will know those results in a couple of weeks.

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