Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Coming of the King Prayer Garden

One of my favorite things to do is to drive around aimlessly. I love to turn the music up, and just drive. A couple of Saturdays ago my husband came home from work and told us to go get in the truck, we were going for a drive. I was in! I didn't know where he was taking us, but he did tell us to grab the camera.

As we started driving we were getting into the hilly part of Texas. 39 years, and I have never see this part of our state! It really is beautiful.

As we neared the town of Kerrville, you could see a beautiful cross on top of a hill. It was amazing! I had no clue what or where it was, but I knew I had to see it up close! I didn't realize this was where he was taking us. My husband had passed it many times on his way to see a customer, and he new we would love it.

As we approached the entrance, you could see a sculpture of huge nails.

To the right of the nails is a parking lot. More beautiful sculptures and works of art. We loved this one of "Mary, Mother of Jesus."

There's another one called 12 stones on the other side of the parking lot.

After you enter the park, you drive up a long and winding hill until you come to another parking lot and the main garden. This is at the top of the hill after you park.

 Let me just say, until you see it in person, you just can't comprehend the size of this cross! As you enter the garden, you are greeted by this beautiful "Fisher of Men" sculpture. This sculpture depicts Jesus Christ at the Sea of Galilee calling Andrew and Simon Peter to follow Him to become fishers of men. It had such a holy feeling here. As soon as I walked up I could feel the presence of God. There were so many groups and individuals praying, that it almost felt disrespectful to talk.

As you walk down the path to the "Empty Cross", you can see that the "Path to Heaven" is made up of 77 scriptures in different languages. They are all in logical progression.

After we were there a few minutes my husband realized the entire garden was in the shape of a cross. I didn't even realize it, probably because I was just so caught up in the entire place. I took this pic from the Internet.

Each side of the cross has a beautiful sculpture. To the right is "Divine Servant." This sculpture depicts Jesus Christ washing the feet of Simon Peter on the night before the crucifixion.

To the left arm of the cross is "The Great Commission" sculpture. This sculpture depicts the World, the Word, and the Rock.  Jesus Christ is the Word and the Rock who created the World. 

Right in front of the cross is "The Coming King" sculpture. It symbolizes when Jesus comes back in all of His glory as a warrior and king!

 Towering at the back of the garden is the amazing cross that stands 7 stories high. It truly is  a work of art. 

Everything about this cross intrigues me. This next part is taken from their website. I wanted to copy and paste it so that you could understand every detail of this magnificent cross.

“The Empty Cross”™ is a seven story Cor-ten steel sculpture by artist/evangelist, Max Greiner, Jr. This stunning sculpture was donated to THE COMING KING FOUNDATION by Max and Sherry Greiner, and Monte and Beverly Paddleford, owners of Eagle Bronze Foundry in Lander, WY.  This unique contemporary sculpture was installed on top of a 1930’ hill top above IH-10 on July 27, 2010.
“The Empty Cross”™ is believed to be the most symbolic cross sculpture in the world because of its Biblical symbolism.  The massive open hollow cross symbolizes the Resurrection, the Door, the Narrow Gate, the Strong Tower, the Mighty Fortress and the Light of the World, who is Jesus Christ.  God sees mankind through the cross while mankind can only see the true God by looking at the cross.
The Carbon Steel skeleton of the cross was covered with a Cor-ten steel skin. After scouring by sandblasting, a reddish brown patina was released, symbolizing the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
Biblical numbers are used in the design of“The Empty Cross”™ sculpture.  The $2,000,000 cross measures 77’7 inches tall with a 40’ cross arm. It weighs approximately 70 tons, including the steel in the foundation. The foot print of the cross sculpture is approximately 10’ x 10’ square, like the Holy of Holies.  The interior space is 7’ wide.  Four plaques inside this sacred space explain the scriptural path to salvation, filling of the Holy Spirit, healing and miracles. Thousands of visitors to the cross have been supernaturally touched by God, many claiming life transformation, miracles and divine healing.

The part of the garden that touched me the most was "God's Rock Garden." The garden suddenly appeared at the entrance of the garden not long after it opened. People started writing their prayers on rocks and leaving them. The garden was not planned by man, but a creation of the Holy Spirit. 

Gavin writing out his prayer on a rock

I didn't take pictures in the rock garden, because I didn't feel right doing it. If you would like to see some, here is a link to the webpage.  As I placed my rock, I couldn't help but see some of the heartfelt prayers of others. It moved me to tears. I couldn't read them all. I would have lost it. Some were remembrances of loved ones. Some were pleas for a family member. All you could really do is pray. It was such a touching experience. 

I can say that this is one of my most favorite places I've been in a long time. It is definitely a Holy experience, and I for sure want to go back soon. If you get a chance, take a drive down I10 to Kerrville, TX to see this gem. You won't regret it.

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